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2/8/2007 9:24:55 PM

...there WERE actual messages there before !

I didn't read'em...but I DID see'em !

Then...they were gone !

Very strange !



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2/8/2007 9:43:38 PM

Ahem...Am I the only one to notice that each of Mary's empty posts we modified and that this is the second thread he started this week that were all empty? Hello people!

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2/8/2007 9:53:59 PM, you're not the only one...

Very bizarre !

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2/9/2007 1:50:54 AM

Very true, they are gone like when Vin Sculley that great baseball announcer broadcasts a home run, its going going gone. Maybe what she wrote was offensive and Stockfetcher staff removed them to save our eyes from smack talk.

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2/9/2007 2:25:36 AM

Read the posts and they were nothing like that.Just a run-down comparing RSI(2) and MFI I think in all stocks and then the NAZ 100 and showing the NAZ 100 doing a little better,like 60% win ratio,no big deal.

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2/9/2007 4:24:23 AM

The post wasn't empty at the beginning.

He wrote about the connection between the choosen stocks or index and the use of RSI(2). He found out, that an RSI(2) below 3 % on daily and monthly data of Nasdaq 100 brings round 60-70 % winners (I'm not sure about the exact figures).

There is a big difference, if you use the Nasdaq, Nasdaq 100 or Nasdaq 100 without Semiconductors... He asked about other opinions and experiences with RSI(2) by using other index. Please post them here if you measured any other success rates with RSI(2)!


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2/9/2007 7:21:53 AM

I commented on the posts...then they were gone. Maybe I should mod my post to "empty". LOL!

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2/9/2007 8:36:28 AM

...what I got out of all these posts is the following :

... and I believe this screen fits perfectly:


... enough said.

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2/9/2007 8:57:58 AM

The posts were very informative and not offensive. Why were they deleted. Answer please.

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2/9/2007 9:14:01 AM

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