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5/30/2013 12:33:45 PM

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5/30/2013 12:38:24 PM

@ Rock Sexton,
Actually, Avafin does LQQK interesting ...

For only $10/Month:
View institutional block trading activity
Analyze volume & open interest alerts
Identify when option contracts are being bought or sold
View intraday options trade breakdown along with time & sales analysis
Monitor unusual options trading activity

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5/30/2013 12:42:53 PM

below is the smi(smart money indicator) of the spy> it is in million S of $ s>it is 1 zero off so -20000.00 is actual - 2000.00 million $ s or 2 billion $ s. From 158 to the 169 high it sold off 3.2 million $ s worth of the spy and in this consolidation 164-167 it has gained about + 5 billion $ s>looks like it is setting up to break the new high in June>Please post graph.

Rock Sexton
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5/30/2013 1:18:17 PM


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5/30/2013 1:53:01 PM

Once again a complete waste of storage space for Stock Fetcher on an incoherent post that nobody gets any value due to it being unreadable. I finally figured it out! Optionplayer is actually a teenager and he thinks he is texting! My teenage son used to do this but I even make him use correct English now. Stop wasting our time with kindergarten writing and grow up! It does not take any longer to do it right!

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5/30/2013 2:05:41 PM

I've only been around here for a short time, but it's pretty clear that optionplayer either doesn't read responses or doesn't care. I think this is an amazing community, with all kinds of people who generously give of their time and provide thoughtful ideas. optionplayer is not one of these people.

I don't think he's a teenager. I think he's mentally ill.

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5/30/2013 2:19:56 PM

optionplayer; if you write/post jibberish , you will get attacked, if you want to sell a product , you must appear to be capable, professional. a hint, post to wordpad first, then look over your writing, use a spell check , if it corrects you , make the correction whether technical or logical.then post here . you must appear capable, otherwise all your postings are for nothing.

Rock Sexton
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5/30/2013 3:04:24 PM

I actually have a theory on this guy now ....

He believes he has a system of some kind that produces profits only seen in dreams. However, he has no money. Seeing as how poorly he communicates on here (as well as on the phone when I talked to him), I'm sure if he ever solicited some fund or business with his ideas, they would've run him out of their office.

That being said anyone trying to buy his system for $1,000 ..... understand what you're actually paying for. I think he needs that money to fund an account so that he can try to trade his "system" for real instead of on virtual accounts. That's when reality will settle in because it's real easy (in the world of Hindsight trading) to look at moves he says he calls and claim that he would've maximized the entire thing.

Again, if he were making millions he'd be off living the life and not babbling gibberish on an internet forum such as this one.

EDIT: btw decided to run a reverse # lookup for the number he had given me when we spoke. Took the address and ran it through Google Maps. Not quite what I would've imagined for someone making the claims he does.

Rock Sexton
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5/30/2013 3:09:58 PM


Ya, I like Avafin. I haven't used the pay version of it yet.

But it can sure help one diagnose when the pro's are buying into weakness and selling into strength .... or on the flip side buying strength or selling weakness. I've long been a proponent of using volume, VSA (Volume Spread Analysis), Volume Profile, Divergence, and Wyckoff to spot discounted prices and dips to buy into. Avafin has helped me do that better as of late because you're getting a glimpse of the money behind the potential move. At the end of the day that is what is most important.

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5/31/2013 2:07:40 PM

so rock i guess you have to give the optioner some credit huh, i don't know how many times i read concerning trading books
that one facet learned is of import. expensive learning process though huh? even the optioner has something to teach! it's
extremely difficult seperating the wheat from the chaff. sites like investimonials do help though , ranking dvds, websites, newsletters, lot of expensive charlatans out there. this site is a great learning tool. to a new learner, i would recommend this place first. my next recommendation would be to start your own business , and invest in their own skills, whether it be washing walls or grooming dogs. investing, trading is tough!

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