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6/27/2003 8:01:33 AM

what a slam play is where the knocked a stock down real fast over 1-5 days say 50% and you see large volume spikes at the bottom especailly the first 2 days and you will watch the stock price continue to drift down some but eh volume spikes will get smaller and smaller and what you do is wait for the price finf its low and then reverse up slightly and you use the rsi(2) as you buy indicator-you look for what is called a positive divergence on the rsi(2) meaning as the rsi goes down to under 5% and you see the stock price reverse up say 5-15% up-you actually need e signal do do this very accurately because it will give you the rsi(2) live intraday. usually it will take 5-20 days for a stock to reverse and show a positive divergence- okay the pos divergence is as follows on the rsi(2) we will use dgen as a good example- as it was finding its low 3 days ago at 0.20--at 0.23 the rsi(2) was at 3.0% well when it reversed up on the 25th when it got to 0.23 the rsi(2) read 63%(and remember you have to read this live intraday a dialy rsi(2) as it is actually happening) so at 0.23 it had a pos divergence of 60% which is very big and the bigger this number is the bigger and faster the move up will be. well dgen went from the buy alert at 0.23 to 0.42 in 77 minutes. you can create another screen where you dont include the 1 day 500% vol spike and this will also give you rsi(2) pos divergence reversals lik fnsr a couple months ago had gone down to 0.74 well at 0.78 its rsi(2) was at 2% and then when it reversed the next day from a low of 0.74-when it got to 0.78 its rsi(2) was at 65% a positive divergence of 63% --well the next day it closed to 1.31. you saw the same senarion on sons at 0.22 devel at 0.32 sbac at 0.23 and so on. remeber the faster it goes down the faster it goes up- like wmb dropped 82% in three days last year to 0.78 and at 0.88 it had a pos divergence of 67% 5 days later it went to 4.30 same on dyn it got dropped to 0.49 in four days from 3.50 and it becaome positive at 0.62- 5 days later it went to a high of 3.50. a good gauge to use as to a stocks up target on such extreme down moves with big volume at the bottom is to use the 13 day ema value on the day before the stock starts falling -interestingly enough that was 4.35 on wmb and 3.44 on dyn. from yesaterday we have three good slam plays here is my slam play filter--
Show stocks where volume gained more than 500 percent over the last 1 day and Average Volume(5) is above 50000 and close is between 0.01 and 1.0 and the rsi(2) is below 5 and date offset is 68 remove edit
robv wmtg and doxt show this great slam play from yesterday so what you do is create a screen where youi have all the good slam from the last 1-3 weeks and watch for this pos diverge as a buy signal from 2 days ago we have sevu and pfce

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6/28/2003 12:20:15 PM

This is a filter exchange forum. Just post your filter in this format:

Fetcher[ type your filter here]

It's that simple.

No need for winded oratory.

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6/29/2003 11:23:15 AM

I agree with adrian. You come across very disorganized and fuzzy. No need to write elaborate novels here. Just post your filter and we will all be interested what you want to say or show.

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6/29/2003 1:58:17 PM

HG, I appreciate your commentary. Those who don't can simply scroll past it and snip-snip your filter! I prefer to see the thought process behind the filter.

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6/29/2003 3:20:54 PM

acervapsych, I'm with you. Too many folks seem more intent on telling folks how and what to post instead of concentrating on stocks, indicators, filters and making money.
The filter is just a tool. It cannot replace reasoning, pattern recognition and thinking. It does help to post the rationale for the filter along with the filter. If folks think they can become experts if only they find that magic filter, they are in for a serious disappointment.
I prefer the more general filters and then zero in on the target stock by looking at the individual charts.

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6/30/2003 1:33:18 AM

I completely agree with you Joe. I was just trying to figure out where HG's filter started and ended. Too garbled and confusing.

Just trying to make sense out of it, besides, I really do not need an explanation. I can figure it out on my own by just trying the filter. Been trading many years now and I do know TA very well.

There are a lot of filters here that do not work....and I still haven't found that magical one, because it does not exist.

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7/3/2003 2:34:00 AM

Amen to that Adrian. I don't mind his explanations, etc., but I want to see the exact filter written exactly as it should be posted in the Create window. If possible it would be nice if it were written as a link, so we could just click on it. Wish I knew how to do that. I asked once, but was never given the answer. It sure is convenient.


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7/3/2003 6:49:39 AM

here it is rrochon
Fetcher[type in the text of your filter]

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7/4/2003 9:05:09 PM

As well intentioned as HG may be, sadly, I think he may be "on something" besides a lot of caffeine.
HG, if you're reading this, please get off of whatever you're taking, so we can understand you. Please, CALM DOWN. Take a deep breath, and give us the filter. We can SEE and THINK for ourselves.

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7/4/2003 9:49:18 PM

For the record this is NOT Holygrail.. this is his trading buddy.

His method is very simple... So simple most people don't believe it.

I have been looking at many filters here and have only found 2 that compare so far.

One is:

Show stocks where +DI(14) is above 20 and Average Volume(10) is above Average Volume(20) and Average Volume(10) is above 500000 and close above .09

The other is Muddy's BB:


You may recogize them.

Holygrail's filter is simply:

rsi(2) below 1 and close above 0.09 and Average Volume(10) is above 500000 and 30 day slope of the lri(60) is above 0.25 and low near Bottom linear Regression Line(60)

We buy stocks that have bottomed and are ready to bounce. It is that simple. The RSI(2) x RSI(3) is just a wrinkle for safer entries for the less experienced traders. And all the other indicators are just tweaks... But I have shown you the fundamental filter. Forget about backtesting. Just look at a chart of a stock and see what happens when RSI(2) < 1% and/or the price is at the Lower Linear Regression line. Backtesting, at this time, does not take in consideration that I may have SOLD BEFORE the price dropped later in the day. Just check the charts from the filter. Here are the chart settings we use:

Draw Linear Regression Channel(60) and Draw EMA(6) and Draw EMA(13) and Draw EMA(26) and Draw RSI(2) and Draw RSI(3)

I also use a 90 day chart at

Holygrail and I also use esignal for daytrading. Once again, Holygrail's method is simple and most don't believe or accept. All we use is RSI(10) and Linear regression. That's it.

Now... you have to remember YOUR objectives may not be the same as ours.

My objective is to compound my portfolio by 2% or more per day. I DO NOT look at the dollars, I look at the percent gains.

Holygrail has a tendency to make friends/enemies whenever he posts. But I know this... he told me to buy chtr, sons, rbak, and dyn last October and to trade them daily. Look at the results.

Stockfetcher has reduced our scanning time from hours to seconds.

I hope this helps. I have given you EVERYTHING. There is nothing more. It really IS that simple.

For the record this is NOT Holygrail.. this is his trading buddy.

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