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5/16/2008 8:06:41 AM

you never lose using my following set up-- 20 d -wms%- and % above 100 day low- my system has averaged >80% gain with 98% winners in the last year- on these stocks-- june 07 low to july high 07 aug 16 07 low to nov 1 2007 high-- jan low to feb high 08 and march 6 low to now- i use the the gld qqqq spy qid qld and dia as major turning reversals for the general market- plus if the smart money is buying like they did big time before caiq s big move up- in the last year it has had moves of 8-32 and 15-47 and many smalller ones--

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5/16/2008 8:09:28 AM

Symbol Company Price % Day Chg Volume RSI(2) Weekly
RSI(2) %above100daylow wm% 20ma 20lowpct Average
CSIQ Canadian Solar Inc 43.60 -0.91% 6020700 89.08 98.29 195.79 0.23 1.46 4.97 6.88
ENER Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. 56.28 3.74% 3899000 86.11 99.30 174.94 0.17 1.44 3.80 3.44
DRYS DRYSHIPS INC 106.50 7.53% 5849900 99.52 99.75 120.91 0.13 1.21 2.96 5.39
JRJC CHINA FINANCE ONLINE CO 22.04 2.99% 690200 61.50 78.21 119.96 0.19 1.10 6.19 1.55
EXM Excel Maritime Carriers Ltd 53.54 5.68% 2280400 84.16 95.89 118.53 0.17 1.21 4.17 3.07
FSLR First Solar Inc 306.78 -0.38% 4436000 85.37 89.61 114.07 0.14 1.07 2.13 16.03
FEED AgFeed Industries Inc 17.20 -6.52% 2233900 1.38 21.34 110.53 0.18 0.92 5.61 1.52
SOLF Solarfun Power Holdings Co Ltd 18.47 6.09% 9180300 99.44 93.28 106.37 0.20 1.27 3.09 1.76
JASO JA Solar Holdings Co Ltd 23.81 -1.49% 10096500 57.08 63.84 95.65 0.18 1.01 3.57 2.21
YGE Yingli Green Energy Holding Co Ltd 25.31 -6.91% 12875600 49.55 87.86 92.47 0.21 1.09 3.97 2.88
TSL Trina Solar Ltd 47.64 4.38% 1628200 98.07 94.35 84.08 0.16 1.12 2.75 3.07
LDK LDK Solar Co Ltd 36.14 -1.18% 3015500 38.15 67.01 84.01 0.17 1.07 3.04 2.69
DSX DIANA SHIPPING INC 36.60 4.78% 3093200 98.19 99.25 81.64 0.09 1.15 2.22 1.86
BIDU BAIDU.COM INC 364.27 0.86% 3396500 57.50 74.52 81.09 0.12 1.01 2.07 11.56
RIO COMPANHIA VALE DO RIO DOC 42.20 4.20% 22639100 88.15 94.14 75.83 0.08 1.07 1.98 1.40
RIMM Research in Motion Limited 140.71 1.55% 21107500 70.21 95.72 75.45 0.09 1.09 2.21 4.53
SPWR SUNPOWER CORPORATION 92.48 0.13% 2320900 96.16 87.60 73.90 0.16 1.07 3.19 6.04
STP SUNTECH POWER HOLDINGS CO LTD 47.12 0.66% 6881000 90.91 81.97 67.15 0.17 1.05 2.78 3.83
AAPL Apple Inc 189.73 1.86% 31169400 69.65 98.50 64.35 0.07 1.07 2.05 5.32
QLD Ultra QQQ Proshares 90.60 3.91% 13760100 90.13 85.57 46.11 0.09 1.08 2.18 2.96
MBI M B I A INC 9.68 4.09% 7113000 66.14 34.08 43.41 0.24 0.91 5.54 0.87
MTG M G I C INVT CORP WIS 13.23 5.92% 1599200 89.21 61.77 37.81 0.19 1.03 3.74 0.70
CLWR Clearwire Corp A 13.77 1.03% 693600 59.26 25.76 36.34 0.18 0.94 3.50 0.76
ABK AMBAC FINANCIAL GRP INC 3.98 2.05% 10915000 33.30 26.17 29.22 0.29 0.86 5.11 0.36
ESLR Evergreen Solar Inc 9.32 0.54% 6734900 91.45 77.05 23.94 0.16 1.06 2.20 0.75
QQQQ Powershares QQQ 49.97 1.75% 157181400 92.58 87.96 21.73 0.05 1.04 1.10 0.83
SPY SPDR S&P 500 ETF 142.53 1.25% 166902700 96.79 76.59 13.12 0.04 1.02 0.66 1.59
DIA DIAMONDS 130.05 0.81% 9122400 89.62 67.19 12.31 0.03 1.01 0.61 1.40
GLD streetTRACKS Gold Shares ETF 87.00 2.11% 9437900 76.78 47.77 8.86 0.05 1.00 0.69 1.73
QID Proshares QQQ 37.47 -3.92% 35961000 10.73 13.61 4.14 0.10 0.92 1.43 1.33

Results as of:Thursday May 15, 2008
30 Symbols in list.

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5/16/2008 8:21:15 AM

all the solars listed in the cnbc contest are all up 75->200% from their 08 lows - you had gold in the streets- using the monthly rsi-2- most were 0.5-5% in the first 2 weeks in march including the major indexes- they lowest they had been since 2002 on the weekly rsi-2- here is a bottom filter showing stocks that were the wm% was above 20%(wm% is the most important indicator their is by far- it tells you which stocks will make the biggest moves up in conjunction with the 20d--here is my filter setup------------GENERAL==set{ma1,close - ma(200)}
set{ma2, ma1/close}
set{%abovema200, ma2 * 100}

set{low1,close - low 100 day low}
set{low2, low1 / close}
set{%above100daylow, low2 * 100}

add column low 100 day low
add column %above100 day low
add column ma(200)
add column %abovema200

draw ma(200)

volume > 250000
set{sm%, weekly atr(8)/weekly ema(8)} and sm% between 0.20 and 0.88 and add column rsi(2)and add column weekly rsi(2) and set{wm%, weekly atr(8)/weekly ema(8)}and add column wm% and set{v%, volume/average volume(100)} and add column v% and set{20d,close/ma(20)} and add column 20D and set{x,close-low} set{y,x/low}set{LowPct, y * 100 } set{20lowpct, CMA(LowPct, 20)} and add column 20lowpct and average volume(50) above 200000 and stock is optionable

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5/16/2008 4:09:41 PM

sells today on solf daily rsi-2 at 99.9% drys daily at 99.8% at 112 today and weekly at 99.8% xsiq is showing a negtive diergence-99 at 41 and 90 at 46 on the daily rsi-2 and perfection capitulation top on solf today on volume-10 day average 4.7 million today 22.6 million these may go higher but i would sell and wait for these stocks to go <20% on the daily rsi-2 before i bought again- the shipping and solar stocks have a tendency not to follow the qqqq- there are many days where you will see them down 4-10% while the qqqq is up and vice vesa while qqqq is down or evdn they will make big moves up- like csiq solf aND DRYS DID- TOLD YOU LONG AGO SOLF IS YOUR BEST TRADING STOCK OFF TOPS AND BOTTOMS- LASY YEAR 7-40 40-8 AND 8-24 SO FAR AND MANY 5-20% MOVES IN BETWEEN

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5/16/2008 4:21:02 PM

IF YOU SEE A STOCK CLOSE AT NEAR ITS HIGH OR LOW OR GOING UP AND DOWN BETWEEN THE TWO- TS VERY EASY TO see if it will reverse or continue up- just check for giant buys or sells at 1600-1700 in ah- if there buys it goes up 90% of the time- give you a great example of how hthis works-- it predicts earning also with >85% accuracy- a good exmple was mos on it 1-9-08 earnings- it had dropped down from >100 to 82 and ay 20 minutes before the morning earning were coming out there were to giant buys at <84 so you bought the jan 90-110 calls the 105 calls were 0.05- it had good earnings- closed at 89- in ah there were 2 more big buys- so you held- the next day it closed at 99 and in ah there were to more giant buys s o you held- then the next day rsi-2 went >99% and there were many big sells at >108 so you cashed the jan calls in- the 105s for 5.40$- that a 10000% gain then you bought the feb 85-75 puts and 2 weeks later it went to <77 and you made another 2000% - all you have to learn to do is follow the smart money using your different rsi-2 S- just in may there was big buying on csiq at <28$ you bought the may 35-45 calls and made another 500-3000% if you sold at the top of the daily rsi-2 in the last 3 dayys >46/50

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5/16/2008 5:46:27 PM

Hi Mary,

Your strategy is very interesting. According to what you wrote in your last post, this is what I think you are saying:

1.Locate stocks that are near its high or near its low (and/or going up and down between its high and low)

2.To determine if stock will reverse or continue current trend, check for large buys or sell in after hours (1600-1700)

3.If there are large buys it goes up 90% of the time

It would be great if you could elaborate a little more about how you select stocks from your filter to watch. Many of them appear to be at their highs and lows, and almost all of them are going up and down between their high and low (i think all stocks do that most of the time). What other variables are necessary to examine? RSI value, MA Value, WM% value, etc.


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5/17/2008 12:49:46 PM

bsl113, I wish you well in your endeavor to have Mary respond. Many have tried, but failed. But if you send him and email, you will probably receive a response requesting $300 or so to share his secrets. Good luck!

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5/17/2008 3:06:58 PM

For you Solar Power geeks....this might be helpful. I left out most of the worthless, garbage, penny stocks...although there are a couple worth watching. Unfortunately, I think it's a little late on this industry. Eventhough news travels fast, it becomes old news just as quick.

set{SD50,1.4 * SD}
set{BOLU,MA50 + SD50}
set{BOLD,MA50 - SD50}

draw BOLU on plot RSI(2)
draw BOLD on plot RSI(2)

set{v, volume 1 day ago}
set{volinc, volume - v}
set{volpc, volinc / v}
set{volpct, volpc * 100}

set{VolZ, days(volume < 1,100)}
set{VolUp, days(volume is below volume 1 day ago,100)}
set{VolDn, days(volume is above volume 1 day ago,100)}
set{VolCnt, VolUp - VolDn}

set{vck1, volume 1 day ago }
set{vck, volume / vck1 }
set{vdbl, days(vck < 2, 100)}


Draw MA(200)
sort column 3 descending
Draw median bollinger band(13)
chart-length is 2-months

and add column volpct
and add column Vdbl
add column sector
add column industry
add column PE
add column ROE
add column CCI(100)
add column Williams %R(20)
add column RSI(2)

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5/20/2008 6:41:05 PM

wall street if you look at the performancew off the qqqq bottom of 41 on 3-17-07 for these solar stocks you made this filter for you will see that they are up an averasge of 71% with 21 winners and 3 losers so far- and the biggest gains are on the the stocks that had the highest wm%(the indicator that tell you which stocks will make you the most money) csiq and solf both had 0.21 and gained >200% the ones that gain <100% had wm% lower- following the wm% and the daily and weekly rsi-2 will make you rich- good examples of wm% making you more money the high you go also on the shipping stocks gnk and dsx were at 1bout 0.11 they went up about 70-75% exm at 0.16 went 110 drys at 0.16 went up 140 %
its that easy guy

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5/20/2008 11:41:13 PM

Alright Mary, I'm going to give you the time that you NEVER give to anyone else. So let's start this off on the right foot okay? First off, there is no question that you are doing something right and ligit, IF in fact your claims that you are in this actual CNBC contest is true.

You continue to post things like "wm%, rsi(2), 0.16 etc, Bla,Bla, Bla...but the first time someone is more specific about your tactics, you pretend you never saw the post. So it's hard for me or ANYONE to take you serious. You never post filters, you only brag about inflated returns, and mention indicators that we all learned back in kindergarten.

Now, let's discuss the "shippers", and "Solar" sectors. Do you really believe that YOUR filters are making a real difference? Listen, every sector has it's time. Just like I'm sure this week and next, you'll bless us with your new revolation of the "Chip" sector next right? That's because the "Trilateral Commission" determines what sector is next for a lift. Not your magical high/low crap! Alls you have to do is google key phases on CNBC In Play like..."awarded", "Analyst says...", "Upgraded to...", "new product ", "declares quarterly dividend", and the ever so popular "successful Phase III vaccine!"

This sir is what creates your excitement. It's NOT your filters. And speaking of "filters"...why do you say the word "filter" anyway. You never post or highlight them! You only brag about these so called "filters." Just like you brag about you being up over 20% in that CNBC contest. So who are you then? Where are you on the leader board? See where I'm going here? YOU DON'T DO JACK HERE!!! You only brag and inflate period.

Tell you what? Why don't you put up your so called "BEST FILTER EVER" crap, against me and current events? I will put your pretend filter to shame on a daily basis, just on what Analysts say intraday! Dare to make me eat my words? When the media anounces an entire sector "upgrade", it doesn't take a programmer to find the right stocks (Solar stocks) to jump onto. So give it a rest already okay?

Let me enlighten you on how the stock market works. When the most powerful committee (T.L.C.) get's together to discuss where their next quarterly fortune is going to come from, they then leak the word to all the big Institutional companies they own, and thats when the institutional analysts start running their godly B.S. as to why THEY think this company, or that sector deserves a break. This is a very controlled atmosphere that has been going on since the very inception of the (TLC) when John D. Rockerfeller started the American oil monopoly back in the late 1800's. Once that was in place, he soon knew that anyone and EVERYONE can be bought!

Is it by accident that our current oil situation is out of controll? It is greed that built this great nation, and it is that same greed that will take it down! But until then, we will be controlled by what the media (TLC) feeds us, so in the mean time MARY4MONEY...put a lid on it, and just watch the news like the rest of us, or take me up on my challenge. but if you least post your damn "magical" filter already!


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