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3/14/2009 5:44:56 PM

"Be loyal to your country and hope that GM gets through this pain that was created by our leaders of our land, Wall Street, the financial world, and yes our own countries auto companies bad business policies. If they do make a comeback I would love to see all you naysayers out there admit you shouldn't have been so hard on them but we know you won't because that's not in your character. Happy investing, and be loyal to your country."

Wish I could "be loyal to your country". I feel I am quickly losing what country I fought for.

Honk if I am paying your mortgage...

My loyalty is now to me and as I will see increased taxes, my charitable giving will cease as the gvernment "you" elected seems to know better than I whom to give.

This is no longer the America I grew up in. I'll buy what is in the best interest of me (and those I am paying their mortgages).


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3/14/2009 7:35:03 PM

Propping up a company like GM that has run itself into the ground is like giving a Crack addict $50,000 in cash and saying "clean up your act, get some help and this cash will help you get through your tough time, good luck we know you can do it. Screw that crap let them go down, they have a bunch of ass clowns running that company, I wonder what there long term planning meetings were like, hey lets build some Hummers for everyone that will be awesome dude. They were building Hummers and Honda was building and investing in electric hybrids, Honda builds factories that are easily adaptable to build any vehicle they want to build at that plant cars or trucks. GM made promises to the workers they canít keep because they have mismanaged the dam company into bankruptcy, hey thatís tough luck, why should the Taxpayer bail out an auto workers fat pension and medical benefits. Hey is a tough world a new better company will emerge and fill is place.....we will never get out of this hole with out taking a lot of pain and reorganizing, and I say the sooner the better this goes for the banks as well. If we donít we will right back where we are today in 5 years.
Bad management and high risk taking should never be rewarded and bailed out.

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3/14/2009 8:09:51 PM

Being loyal to the country would mean WE THE PEOPLE would start a revolution and get rid of the politicians that got us in this mess in the first place.

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3/14/2009 8:27:17 PM




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3/14/2009 8:33:35 PM

Hitler, Goering and Goebbels had a revolution promising hope and change as well. They got rid of those pesky "right wingers". It took a solid 6 (1933-1939) years of socializzm to fully "execute" those changes.

Sorry, got a bit sidetracked.

Avery "WE THE PEOPLE" tend to "shut up and work" as opposed to is a shame, but the truth.

"Give it away now"...Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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3/14/2009 10:24:48 PM

I've been in the automotive industry for over 35 years.My first car was a GM,have always owned GM's,and still own one today.GM is as American as apple pie.It is heartland USA.However,they fell so far behind the curve in adapting to what the market needs,wants,and demands,that they are putting themselves out of business.The final straw that broke the camels back is the tightening of credit.When easy money stops flowing into the car dealerships,nothing sells.True,it is unamerican to want to see a company like GM,a Dow component,go bankrupt.It would be an outright discrace to the country,if GM goes under.But the harsh reality of the situation is,how long can you give oxygen to a dead man?

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3/15/2009 2:09:36 AM

If you Americans want any kind of industrial strength in our country then you really need to support GM and hope like hell they can get back to being a strong company again. To give the other countries the automobile industry is not an option unless you all want to degrade to third world status. GM does need restructuring and they are doing that. Patience is the upmost key to our success in getting this country back on its feet again. GM, GE, Microsoft, and hundreds plus American companies are in deep trouble all because your illustrious leaders of our land in many business sectors promoted stupidity and reckless gambling with greed in mind. Oh, and don't count yourself out of the mix because you, me, etc run our lives in greedy ways too. Now that we look back on our errors we are learning what we need to do to think sensibly and do things more prudently, It's easy to say, sure let GM go to dust that will teach them but will that really be good for our country. If that were to happen, all tax paying citizens would be paying GM peoples pensions and medical care along with many millions of other workers that will lose their jobs from other industries. If GM were to turn to dust would create a domino effect that would throw millions of people out of work and create such havoc in the business place and stock market that it would take years to get through it. Our current leaders in Washington say, letting GM to fail is not an option.

Read my other thread titled "hypocracy at its finest". It is saying what Rump is saying here.

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3/15/2009 2:34:00 AM

Thats what I am saying, the whole American auto industry needs to die so a new one can emerge, the old system is broken, a new auto company will be built with the remenace of GMs infastructor. It will make us stronger in the long run..... and remember easy credit is what got us into this mess.

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3/15/2009 4:12:51 PM

Easy credit gives the consumer an illusion,that they really can afford what it is that their buying.To throw more fuel into the fire,the lending people were actually giving it to them.Can you imagine going into a car dealership,making a purchase of a 40K+ car and the salesman says "will that be cash or a check"? You would run for the hills.Don't be suprised if it really comes down to that.The abuse of credit,not credit itself,ruined this country......

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3/15/2009 5:46:19 PM

If I am a bank and make risky loans they go bad how is that the fault of the borrower?

The only reason they made the loan is because they knew they could pack it up in a CDO and get rid of it.

They were passing the risk to another and making money on the transaction, guess who ends up being the bag man, the taxpayer. It was a scam from the start.

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