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6/29/2005 5:30:37 PM

I've been watching the 90 day decreasing slope stocks on the home page and it appears to me if you wait until the stock closes below the bottom trend line and has its first up day you could either buy the stock outright or buy calls and get good results. If you put in a GTC sell order at 25% below your purchase price to cut your losses if your wrong and played the selling by ear it looks like you would be up 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 4 times.Option wise, losing 25% 1 time out of 3 and making 50%+ the other 2 times would be possible. Anyone tried a stradegy that resembles this or have any coments on the theory. Interested in peoples opinion on if this would work.

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6/29/2005 6:47:08 PM

If I understand you correctly, you might consider watching John Crane's Advanced Swing Trading DVD. It might help you with your idea.

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6/29/2005 7:38:21 PM



/* Basic Filter for newbies and old pros */

set{E36b,days(ema(3) is above ema(6),100)}
set{E36a,days(ema(3) is below ema(6),100)}
set{E3xE6, E36a - E36b}

set{E50200b,days(ma(50) is above ma(200),100)}
set{E50200a,days(ma(50) is below ma(200),100)}
set{M50xM200, E50200a - E50200b}

set{E1326b,days(ema(13) is above ema(26),100)}
set{E1326a,days(ema(13) is below ema(26),100)}
set{E13xE26, E1326a - E1326b}

set{CCb,days(close is above close 1 day ago,100)}
set{CCa,days(close is below close 1 day ago,100)}
set{CxC, CCa - CCb}

set{E5b,days(close is above ema(5),100)}
set{E5a,days(close is below ema(5),100)}
set{CxE5, E5a - E5b}

set{E50b,days(close is above ma(50),100)}
set{E50a,days(close is below ma(50),100)}
set{CxM50, E50a - E50b}

set{E200b,days(close is above ma(200),100)}
set{E200a,days(close is below ma(200),100)}
set{CxM200, E200a - E200b}

set{T10, count(10 day slope of the close above 0,1)}
set{T90, count(90 day slope of the close above 0,1)}
set{T200, count(200 day slope of the close above 0,1)}

Set{a1, T200 * 1}
Set{a2, T90 * 10}
Set{a3, T10 * 100}

Set{aa, a1 + a2}
Set{TREND, aa + a3}

set{v, volume 1 day ago}
set{volinc, volume - v}
set{volpc, volinc / v}
set{volpct, volpc * 100}

set{VolZ, days(volume < 1,100)}
set{VolUp, days(volume is below volume 1 day ago,100)}
set{VolDn, days(volume is above volume 1 day ago,100)}
set{VolCnt, VolUp - VolDn}

set{vck1, volume 1 day ago }
set{vck, volume / vck1 }
set{vdbl, days(vck < 2, 100)}

set{PARBuy, count(close crossed above Parabolic SAR, 5) }
set{DMIBuy, count( di(14) Difference crossed above 0 , 5) }
set{DMIBuyX, count( di(14) Difference above 0 , 1) }

set{PARSell, count(close crossed below Parabolic SAR, 5) }
set{DMISell, count( di(14) Difference crossed below 0, 5) }
set{DMISellX, count( di(14) Difference below 0, 1) }

set{PARSBuy1, PARBuy * DMIBuy}
set{PARSBuy, PARSBuy1 * DMIBuyX}

set{PARSSell1, PARSell * DMISell}
set{PARSSell, PARSSell1 * DMISellX}

set{PARSTrade, PARSBuy + PARSSell}

set{HiOp, high - open}

and add column VolCnt
and add column Vdbl
and add column volpct

and add column HiOp
and add column Trend

and add column CxC {CxC_}
and add column CxE5 {CxE5}

and add column E3xE6 {E3xE6}
and add column E13xE26 {E13xE26}

and add column CxM50
and add column CxM200
and add column M50xM200

add column rsi(2)
add column weekly rsi(2)

add column PARSBuy
add column PARSSell

close above 1
volume above 1000000

sort column 7 descending

and draw Parabolic SAR
and draw +di(14)
and draw -di(14)
and draw adx(14)
and draw di(14) difference

Price is near the BOTTOM linear regression line(90)

I made a small change to the basic filter to display stocks near the bottom linear regression line(90).

I also changed the middle trend from 60 to 90.



p.s. I really should have named this filter the SWISS ARMY KNIFE FILTER.

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6/30/2005 10:07:51 PM

There's nothing wrong with your theory, and there's quite a few simple filters on this forum based on stock prices at the bottom linear regression line. However, by backtesting quite a few over time,there's very few that resulted in 75% winners. What happens is that as you tweek a filter to increase the winning percentage, the number of stocks decreases until you get very few, maybe a couple a month. Also,filters seem to be good for short-time swing trading of a few days. It may be better to use a filter that provides sufficient number of stocks and then acquire the judgement skill to select the better candidates.
As for declining slope channels,it seems that increasing slope channels might give better results, although the difference may not be great.

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