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7/28/2003 11:25:02 PM

A little challenge to everyone that thinks they have "one of the best scans" ... or can get consistant results ... prove it. Back testing works fine, but I want to see the real results. Can you stand up to the challenge ?

I ran my scan ...and culled out the losers. Here are my best pick for Tuesday 7/29/03. I plan on holding from 1 to 10 days.

Let see if anyone can pick a better stock ! I'll post a new pick every day ... do you think you can select a better pick ? ... Try ! Can you handle a challenge ? Show us a single stock ...and the buy price ... the rest will be history.

INET ... in at $4.46 (for Tuesday 7/29/03)

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7/29/2003 12:03:14 AM


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7/29/2003 10:26:44 AM

Buy SNIC at $8.90 for a quick 2-3 day trade. Earnings come out after close on Wed. Stock usually sells off after earnings come out but has been a quick way to pick up some $$$$$ up to earnings release.

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7/29/2003 11:21:41 AM

Unfortunately mine didn't give a buy today but will take you up on the challenge when it does. My last 5 were are
TRPH in 1.25 out 1.49 next day
DTMG IN .18 OUT .18 5 DAYS
UDW in .23 out .35 3 days
ATML in 3.17 still holding
TE in 12.52 out 12.38 3 days
These did not come from a StockFetcher screen. I am recent to Stockfetcher and still looking for that one special screen. So far I have had my best results from MACD and RSI screens in very oversold conditions, cutting losses quickly and letting profits run. By the way the reason I gave last 5 was I hadn't used this tool in over a month. These are the only 5 I have used with current settings on my tool. I wasn't cherry picking. I checked out the chart on INET and believe it could come down a little more. If I entered a position I would only go in with half my usual investment anticipating I may average down because MACD and RSI are not yet in very oversold condition but getting there..

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7/29/2003 6:47:01 PM

Xplorer - You really got out of the starting gate today with INET.
Gruender, SNIC was a nice $1 for the day too.

Are you folks planning on sharing the secret to your success?

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7/29/2003 6:54:51 PM

Let's see if this horse can run, MRVC $2.28 in Tuesday July 28,2003


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7/29/2003 7:05:18 PM

I came up with VRA (viragen) at around .23-.25 (already made a couple cents....) this company makes an interferon (natural) that folks can take when they cannot tolerate the synthetic kind...I really liked all the charts I made on this one.....
Another I got into wsa WBR (Wyndham International), a hotel and resort company.....which I got for .51 today........According to Yahoo profiles the Price/Book is .09 and the Price/Sales is of undervalued I would say, with a market cap of $84.0M and sales of $1.60B.....hard to bash this cheapie......let me know what you think, out there, all the best,,,,,,

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7/29/2003 9:14:36 PM

Great to see the interest here ! Some interesting picks ... but I'll stay with my little screen... until I can be shown something better. What do you have ?

INET did pull through for me ... and the chart was screaming. The turning point (not the buy point) was when it touched 4.25 AGAIN ( Friday 7/25) and then bounced up and the volume picked up on Monday (7/28)(the sellers were drying up ...and the buyers were getting hungry). Stochastics was saying "over-sold" "buy me". Now it looks like it may hit a little resistance at $5.00 ( a little pull-back is probable) I'll sell at that point.

19546 ... TMAR still looks like it has good potential ... I am going to wait and watch it...

gruender ... the stock did move !!! ... I wish you posted that a day earlier !!!

papagatorga ... ok ... lets see what your scan does for Wednesday !

KCOPPOLA ... always willing to share ... I would like to see other's scans too ... I want to see some we can compare notes !!!

txtrapper ... you got ball's to get in now ...

arlenaghan ... another one I'll put on my watch list ... I like the "up days" on bigger volume ...

I don't do my stock screens till a little later ... but had to see what was going on with the challenge. I'll be back with my pick for Wednesday... let's see what you got !

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7/29/2003 9:25:44 PM

My pick for Wednesday 7/30 is ASE ... but be careful on this little gem ... it has a low average volume ... though a nice little move is about to happen !

ASE ... buy at $10.00

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7/29/2003 9:47:03 PM

My pick for Wednesday 7/30/2002 is MRVC. It just had instutional buying "volume spike" and the MA(5) is crossing the MA(21). I'll stay as long as MACD and Williams %R stay on the "buy side".


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