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12/13/2009 7:54:09 PM

For those of us just getting started, and for skilled pros .... please post a couple must reads recommendations that have been instrumental in the success of your trading strategy/philosophy.

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1/21/2010 10:03:43 PM

I liked this book. you can get it here.

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1/22/2010 10:08:15 AM

All Alexander Elder's books....Seriously...

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1/22/2010 4:20:21 PM

Thank you, still relatively new here (6 mo's) and trying to accelerate the learning curve if indeed that is possible.

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1/22/2010 6:09:46 PM

Must reads:1)"How I made 2,000,000 in the stock market" by N.Darvas 2)"Market wizards" by J.Schwager 3)"The new market wizards" by J.Schwager 4)"How I trade for a living" by G.Smith 5)"Long term secrets to short term trading" by L.Williams 6)"Millionaire traders" by K.Lein.7)"Reminiscences of a stock market operator" by E.Lefevre.The material contained here is derived from actual traders,who were very successful in the markets.It's about as real as it gets.But the real test is applying your own brand of trading to the markets through trial &error,to gain the competency to become successful yourself......

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1/22/2010 6:16:29 PM

Al Brooks--

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