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12/16/2006 3:36:59 PM

December 16, 2006

Action + Resourcefulness = Power

By Robert Ringer

Talk about lucky! I shudder to think that but for the luck of the draw, I could have been born Garfield the Cat instead of a human being. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I have a human brain. Even more important, I have free will, and the only limitations on that free will are those that I choose to impose on it.

Good news: You, too, have been blessed with free will. And because of this unique human gift, you need not be stifled by “adversity,” “problems,” or “obstacles.” Each of these is, in fact, nothing more than a language-based way of referring to a fact or set of facts.

Through free will, you have the capacity to intellectualize, plan, conceptualize, and find creative ways to negate adversity, solve problems, and overcome obstacles. What I’m talking about here is resourcefulness.

Resourcefulness is what I like to refer to in my book Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves as an “expansive mental paradigm.” All this fancy term means is that when you take action, particularly bold action, the boundaries of what you believe to be possible (your belief system) expand. Which, in turn, gives you the capacity to consider new ideas, new possibilities, and new concepts that you previously thought to be impossible (i.e., outside the boundaries of your mental paradigm).

The motor of resourcefulness is action. And what unleashes action is an individual’s willingness to make mistakes — even to look foolish or stupid. Remember the ad where Michael Jordan says that he’s missed something like 22 game-winning shots? He then adds, “I succeed because I fail.”

I think a good definition of an entrepreneur might be “a person who makes a living finding ways to overcome problems and obstacles.” And a good definition of a successful entrepreneur could be “a person who becomes well off by finding ways to turn problems and obstacles into opportunities.”

When you take action, you don’t need to worry about making mistakes … because it’s already set in stone: You will make mistakes. And, guess what? You’ll also make them if you don’t take action.

The only difference is that when you take action, you’re on your way to accomplishing your objectives. I say on your way, because action puts you in a position to learn from, and correct, your mistakes as you go. On the other hand, inaction is likely to flood your mind with stressful “what ifs” and have you scratching your head in confusion.

When you play the “what if” game, you demonstrate that you are afraid of failure. That has never been Bill Gates’ problem, because his strategy has always been to get Microsoft’s software out to the public as quickly as possible, bugs be damned … and then, down the road, figure out how to deal with the bugs and the predictable customer backlash. The biggest Microsoft haters in the world would have to admit that this strategy hasn’t worked out too badly for Bill & Friends.

If you succeed at converting action and resourcefulness into habits, the combination results in enormous personal power. These two habits can offset — even overwhelm — almost anything and everything you do wrong.

They are so important that I suggest you pin the following formula up on your wall — and make it a point to send me 10 percent of the earnings you reap by employing it: ACTION + RESOURCEFULNESS = POWER

StockFetcher Forums · General Discussion · Action + Resourcefulness = Power By Robert Ringer<< >>Post Follow-up

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