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6/23/2005 2:15:52 PM

On SFR we should be able to get the Advace Decline Lines (ADL) for any industry/sector/index, and use them in formulas.

Fetch[... and Draw ADL(Consumer Financial Services)]
Fetch[... and Draw ADL(^ixic)]
Fetch[... and set{TheAnswer#1,ADL(Consumer Financial Services)/ADL(Consumer Financial Services)} and draw TheAnswer#1]

Also, All industies and sectors (etc) should have nick names.
Consumer Financial Services = CFS
Semiconductors = SCDS

Fetcher[ ...
and slope of ADL(CFS) is above 0.0
and the slope of ADL(sp500) > 0.5
and ADL(CFS) crossed above ADL(sp500) within the last 1 week
and add column Industry
and set{abc,ADL(CFS)} and the slope of abc crossed above 0.0 from below within the last 3 days
and draw ADL(CFS) on plot ADL(sp500)

It would seem to me that since the stocks that are in each industry/sector and index are defined, that the ADL for all of them should be easy to set up.
...and the nick names too.

Also, We should have:
ADL = Advance Decline Line
ADVI = Advancing Issues
DCLI = Declining Issues
Fetcher[... and ADVI(sp500) > DCLI(sp500)]

Fetcher[... and ADVI(sp500) / DCLI(sp500) is above 1.0]

To Stock Fetcher Users:
Please comment and request that the programers add this feature.
(If you don't ask, we won't get!)

Just think about the possibilities.


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