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2/20/2013 3:45:09 PM


We thank you for your latest codes for the Trix indicators.

I modified the TRIX master here on stockfetcher to read "Show stocks where the TRIX(10,6) crossed above the TRIX EMA(10,6)"
The charts produced on stockfetcher almost looks like the ones on Stockcharts.

We are trying to come up with a set of rules when using the TRIX indicator.

The signals that TRIX (10, 6) generates should ALWAYS be taken. However we include the KST.

Just do what it says and donít try to out-smart yourself by thinking you know better.

best regards,
Quilln -

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2/20/2013 3:51:20 PM


re: what's in a name

On stockcharts, Price Labels is used. On the TOS charts, Bubbles is used. If I ever get a Zodiac boat. The name Bubbles will be placed on the Transom.

best regards,
Quilln -

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2/20/2013 3:53:56 PM

World's Perfect Business ?

If You Could Describe The Worlds's Perfect Business.....

It would have:

No employees, no inventory, no selling of any kind, no customers, no receivables and no bad debts.

It would require:

No Business travel, although if you choose to travel, you take your business with you anywhere in the World! No other business is this flexible ! Have Laptop will Travel !

Realistic Hours:

The financial world's hours are Monday through Friday excluding all legal holidays from 9:30am to 4:15pm Eastern Standard Time.

Affordable and Secure:

Your start up funds are liquid and secure and available daily. What you earn today is in your account today.


The world's Perfect Business is limited only by your imagination and desire.......this truely is the American Dream! This industry gives you life long security, independence and you are your own Boss!

World's Perfect Business ?


Swing Trading stocks per Think or Swim charts,

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's), 2x - 3x stocks

Close End Funds (CEF's)

Ex - Dividend Trading

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2/20/2013 4:06:53 PM

Business Model - Equity Warehouse

Equities are Inventory to be Managed, just like auto parts or plumbing supplies.

What is the Warehouse function?

1) maintain inventory to satisfy demand at a profit.
2) maintain liquidity to build inventory at fair prices.


Your Trading Plan is your Business Plan !

Who are you: an Inventory Manager

what do you do: Director of Inventory Management

Job Description: Directing the flow of Stock in the Warehouse from Incoming to Outgoing.

Place of employment: Your Laptop or your PC is the Warehouse.

Name of my company: "xxxxxxxx Equity Warehouse"

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2/20/2013 5:31:18 PM


Thanks for tips on Price labels and bubbles. What i haven't figured out yet is how to set an automatic alert in stockcharts that would alert me when a new price label popped on a security. Any ideas?

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2/20/2013 6:30:45 PM

Quilln, I notice that you are investing in funds for perpetual income (like ACG, MAIN, and O). What are some of the other funds for income that you look at? Thanks.

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2/20/2013 7:25:11 PM

One more time! So all you want for the TRIX is this:
TRIX(10,6) crossed above the TRIX EMA(10,6)?
Also, I hope you saw the bearish crosses for the KST, EMA 13,50, and TSI,and TRIX additions.

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2/20/2013 11:14:40 PM


I am in the middle of creating a syllabus for a person has been having a difficult time doing one section at a time instead of blasting him with all kinds of ideas on trading. This time I am going slow one section at a time until he fully understands each section before moving on.

A. SWing Trading long term.

B. Perpetual income coming in for the rest of your life

c. MDP portfolio 13/50 ema charts

D. Day Trading via LBR_studies via 13/50ema single charts. the model is GASX/GASL, DIG/DUG. Scalping via thinkswimindicators software.

Section A:

A. Swing Trading long term

Almost all automatic as to when to Buy and when to Sell.

the software I use for the long term and by only buying and selling per any one of the arrow indicators called Track 'n Trade by I paid $997.00 for and got all my my back within a month of trading. The signals are at least 20 minute delay.

going to include KKD, MAIN, O, DPO, DPD charts. MAIN and O are from my Perpetual Income for life folder which I will show you the whole list in Section B.

When I got the software, I stripped it down to make it as simple as possible.

1. red arrows called Bulls n Bears which is Track n Trades forte.

2. blue arrows call Advanced Lines which is another favourite of there's. There are several tricks in using them along with the Red arrows.

3. Green arrows which belong to the KST (know sure thing)

4. Beige arrows as another option I use. TRIX also comes from stockcharts. Notice the same approach by buying and selling. left click on the mouse will bring up other indicators to use for the bottom panel. the mouse must be in the bottom panel.

How to trade the arrows.

1. with the red arrows, we wait for an up arrow to pop up and buy that day. When the red arrow is pointing down, we sell the stock. There will be at times some loss, but it all comes out in the wash to average a profit over time.

2. with the blue arrows a more conservative technique says the same thing as above in buying and selling.

3. with the green arrows (KST) which I use also the Stockcharts, says the same thing above in buying and selling.

The hardest part is the waiting and waiting. The provided charts are all from my Perpetual Income folder. It only takes a few minutes every day at around 10am EST. If nothing to do, see them at 3pm EST. If nothing to do, see them tomorrow same time.

Mike, I would suggest you set aside some monies in buying MAIN, O, DPO, DPD (4) to start having some positive cash flow. As I understand it, the SSI will be having troubles starting in 2020.

As a reminder, you will be setting aside monies in the four (4) groups. I know what your going to, but would advise not to.

Peruse the sites below that I use.

Section B: Perpetual Income coming for the rest of your life.

Section B has a duel function. One for the above for trading them while waiting for a check to come in and perhaps make a few more bux.

we will be using #3 above - Green arrows which belong to the KST (know sure thing). The hardest part is waiting and waiting.

List of monthly stocks as follows:
Stocks are to be rounded to the nearest 50 shares. ie....100, 250, 700, 750.....

Start off with a pool of dollars and divide by 40. I own all of them plus a few dozen more. When I started them I set aside $4,000.00 for each stock. Since then, I have added some of the profits from each stock from the above and then buying more shares. When selecting the pool of stocks from a huge list, I was looking for the ones that paid at least more than a dyme.


I also included DPO, DPD since they pay quarterly. So long as there is a DOW 30, the checks will be coming in like clock werk.


I hope this can be of some assistance

Best regards,
Quilln -

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2/20/2013 11:23:43 PM


yes, as a stand alone with the TRIX entrance and exiting xovers.

Nothing is wasted, the KST EMA 13,50, and TSI,and TRIX additions are all used and I zero in on the ones that produce the 1's and placed on a watchlist.

Quilln -

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2/21/2013 3:57:01 PM

Anyone know if there is a way to setup an alert on stockcharts that would send an alert when a new price label appears on a chart?

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