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7/24/2005 12:55:11 PM

Lets say, stock opens day at bid,.02 Ask .03. It goes to .065, bid ask stays the same. Stock repets same trip up and down 3 times. Each time bid, ask stays the same. I wondered how one made money in this situation. Do you hope price goes down to .01 or .005 and bid/ask stays the same until you have time to buy and sell it? In this case price never went past .03.
Your comments please.

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7/25/2005 12:33:37 PM

The short answer is you can't make money in that market given the parameters you state B/A (.02/.03) (.02/.065) (.02/.03) keeps repeating.

However like most things in life there are caveats;

if you are attempting to trade pink sheet stocks with your quote parameters you will probably never make money;

if you are trading Bulletin Board stocks with the same parameters, you may me able to buy and sell between the B/A spread so long as your orders are not routed to companies like NITE trading as they will sit on your order to sell until they can profit, there are others that will take you offer and show it to the market immediately which may get you executed at your price. The only drawback to using them is they charge per share for executition whereas Nite and a few others do not charge. You will need to evaluate whether to trade those stocks or not and whether to route orders away from NITE and the ones that will sit on your order.

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7/26/2005 6:05:08 AM

DA-NET Thank you

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