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3/5/2008 1:31:42 PM

I've been trading BIDU lately and I'd like to get some opinions on this pattern.

Where's it going guys?

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3/5/2008 3:02:00 PM

Five40....doesn't look like your JPG stuck. May want to try that again.

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3/5/2008 4:55:49 PM

can't see your chart.......

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3/5/2008 5:38:55 PM

I believe this was the chart he had in mind...

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3/5/2008 5:51:36 PM

Thanks Nik, that is the chart. Pretty fat wedge there, coming down to the end.

So, which way? Up or down from here. It's gotta break out right?

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3/6/2008 12:35:12 AM

it can go sideways for a long time...why tie up your cash with BIDU, forget what's it done in the past...I would wait and see where it's going before jumping in, rather than trying to predict it's future direction...imo

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3/15/2008 5:37:00 PM

Trend line from 2/4/07 to 11/6/07 to 2/7/08 and back to 2.4/07.

I like everything i see, timecount , slope of the bottom trend line, ect.

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3/15/2008 8:38:52 PM

I think most "Flat Bottoms" drop...

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