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6/28/2010 11:30:49 PM

After you hear Bubba's rant, click the video underneath.
It's heartbreaking to see this child and her dumb mother.


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6/28/2010 11:33:39 PM

Footage of platform on fire ...
Oh well ... I guess this is what happens when you use safety valves "Made in China".


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7/10/2010 2:39:09 PM

"Local News"


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7/10/2010 9:16:07 PM

Karen, just wondering if you're still using is that working for you? I'm considering subscribing....

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7/11/2010 9:27:46 PM

Yes, Scott.
I'm still using it.
I get trading ideas from the chat and their filters, and use it in conjunction with my StockFetcher filters.
I have learned so much ... from OTHER traders' mistakes!!
I've also discovered a guy name Christian Williams who does excellent technical analysis on YouTube.
You can find him if you search PSAadmin on YouTube.
His website is called PerfectStockAlert dot com.
BTW, "Gar", the inventor of Stockvision, is giving a FREE seminar of SV this Tuesday nite.
If you're interested ...
Here's the email he sent out ..

LIVE Online Seminar
Cost of admission: $0
Tuesday July 13th, 8PM Eastern (5PM Pacific)
StockVision creator demonstrates
Making Money with StockVision
There is no charge for this event
(Limited seating, replays will become available if maximum capacity is reached)
Register Now
Your trial has expired? You can do a second trial for this event!


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7/11/2010 9:58:34 PM

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7/12/2010 8:07:07 AM

Hey John,
Thanks for posting.
I should've "warned" Scott in my previous post, that this guy had been "ragged" online.
I'd already read all this bad stuff about him. But it hasn't deterred me from watching his You-Tube videos, which are FREE.
I'm just sharing the info.
People can check it out for themselves, and draw their OWN conclusions.
If you don't like him, don't use him.

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7/14/2010 7:44:59 PM

Karen, thanks for these sites. I really like Perfect Stock Alert. What am I missing? The complaints are related to people stating they were ripped off. He does not charge anything, so am I correct to assume that the site changed from paid to free?

Are you going to pay the $199 for the other site? Has their ratings helped you make $$$$?

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7/15/2010 11:23:06 AM

Re: Perfect Stock Alert
I've paid nothing. The service is free. He says that in his videos.
It's pure technical analysis. No "opinions", no BS ... just charts.
I love it!
Re: StockVision
Yes, I did pay $200 for a Lifetime Membership.
What have learned???
Trading "opinions" instead of the chart is a losing proposition. LOL!
Mechanical trading is the best gift you can give yourself.
Take the "guesswork" out of everything. Stick with the charts.

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