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7/23/2023 12:56:18 PM

I'm relatively new to SF and I'm still learning. It seems that SF used to have a backtesting feature that was closed a few years go.

So what's the best option for backtesting now? I can create a filter and go back through and do manual backtesting. But is there another site that allows backtesting of custom filters similar to what we can create here on SF? I'd like to make this an easier and more accurate process.

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7/24/2023 11:47:55 AM

You won’t get much help out here, there’s a lot of backbiting when you get too successful and coders get resentful when they learn that all that money they spent on school & student loans didn’t help them out in the stock market.

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7/24/2023 12:54:19 PM has a powerful back testing tool with 20 years of data. There's a scripting language learning curve as always, however the help topics cover everything needed.

+ They have a real time data screener, watchlists, portfolio tracking, alerts, etc. Good luck.

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7/25/2023 11:31:08 AM

Looking back through these forums, and pouring through the wealth of knowledge and finding ideas to try, I did notice a lot of back and forth between people. Often bickering of seemingly little things. It's a little off-putting seeing as we're all trying to accomplish the same thing here.

Thanks, wantonellis, for the suggestion. I've come across that site before, but wasn't sure what all it'd entail. I'm not necessarily looking to backtest 50+ line filters that can be created on here. But if I can test simple custom filters just to get a better idea of how they'd pan out, I'll give it a shot.

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7/26/2023 10:40:33 AM appears to have a lot of advantages over SF and at least one big disadvantage:
a. their backtester can operate on 20 yrs of data and has no survivorship bias
b. a beginner can screen and backtest hundreds of strategies with no coding/formula building required using their built in stuff.
c. access to intraday data
d. Just so far in 2023 they have made 11 improvements/changes compared to SF which has not done any in years.
e. 3 short How to Videos show a lot of the capabilities and techniques unique to their sw.
f. Like SF you can run everything without joining but the number of stocks results returned is shortened making it easy to try out.

Their charts not being interactive are a disadvantage compared to SF though you can chart way back in time and they have monthly capability
It appears they allow just about everything to be exported in Excel format or CSV so results and watchlists could be brought into SF to take advantage of SF interactive charts.

They don't like to do trials but apparently they offer a 7 day trial if you specially request it from them.
I have not tried that yet...

Ed S.

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