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12/5/2009 11:18:33 PM

Would you be interested in selling Short Term Trading Strategies That Work? Is it the same as the book at this site?

What have you done in the past if you bought in a pullback on a low RSI 2 and the stock just continued to get oversold and go against you? Or have you had this happen? What would you say is the most percentage wise a trade has went against you using these methods. Do you use the methods on both stocks and ETF's?


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12/6/2009 12:37:19 PM

i think you can find second hand copies for sale on the net. My exit is end of day, cross of the 5 dma. Have been in a few trades where they went the wrong way for a number of days but they have all triggered an exit at some point. I don't use stops .... I don't have detailed statistics on my losses (there are not really that many) .... I would say the worst loss might have been 10% .....

Maybe you should paper trade some of these set ups and get a feel for them ..... you need a precise EXIT plan also ...

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12/7/2009 10:10:41 PM

The nice thing is that the Connors strategies are very simple and easily recreated in SF allowing for backtesting. The only issue is that SF buys at the open the next day where Connors advocates buying at end of day. I actually have found that buying the open is still very profitable with a high win/loss percentage.

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12/8/2009 12:01:23 AM

Hi Bar tune
can u please contact me at like to discuss some trading issue...thanks

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