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2/27/2008 12:58:10 PM

Source: Dow Jones Newswire

02/27/2008 12:40 *DJ Bernanke: Home Prices May Decline Into Next Year
02/27/2008 12:40 *DJ Bernanke: Expects Some Housing Stabilization Later This Yr
02/27/2008 12:40 *DJ Bernanke:Risk That Rtgs Agencies May Overreact In Downgrades
02/27/2008 12:38 DJ Bernanke Defends Role Of Free Trade In US Economy
02/27/2008 12:19 *DJ Bernanke: Mixed Impact If Bankruptcy Judges Can Alter Mtges
02/27/2008 12:11 *DJ Bernanke: US Inflation In '08 Depends Largely On Oil (Is this guy a moron or what?)
02/27/2008 11:59 *DJ Bernanke: Expects Improvement For Municipal Borrowers Soon
02/27/2008 11:58 *DJ Bernanke: Municipal Borrowers Have Good Credit Quality
02/27/2008 11:56 *DJ Bernanke: Unclear Whether Mkts Pricing In Appropriate Risk
02/27/2008 11:53 *DJ Bernanke: Sovereign Wealth Fund Role Constructive On Whole
02/27/2008 11:53 *DJ Bernanke: Must Balance High Inflation And Weak Econ, Mkts

Let's not forget that this is the same guy who not until very recently quoted that the falling dollar doesn't matter unless you buy imports.

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2/28/2008 5:02:22 AM

He seems like the buffoonish college professor who has heaped stacks of papers everywhere with too many answers and too many ideas.I don't pay interest and do not appreciate some jackjass foolishly cutting interest rates to help foolish borrowers help pay their greedy banker's foolish loans.The collateral effect being a hefty charge of inflation to the average person minding his own business.How far up can commodities,oil,and gold go up from record highs mr. bubble?

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2/28/2008 1:06:52 PM

02/28/2008 13:00 *DJ Tsy Paulson: Not Interested In 'Bailing 'Out' Investors

So they all say, but the reality is Saint Bernanke will be there for you. I dunno about the Joe Sixpacks that will get thrown out of their houses but he'll look after the Jim Cramers of the world. If the stock market begs him for a rate cut, you can count on having one because, as you know, he's just another fixture in the land of Cramerica. The dollar might crack some more, sending the oil and commodity prices through the roof while pushing the GDP number down the cliff, but the stock market matters more than the economy. The nutty professor will take care of that later in his spare time.

Who the hell REALLY cares about inflation anyway? In fact, only the elderlies do and their collective psyche has no impact on the market. They'll lose their savings for sure, but their kids will take care of them knowing that the next Democratic administration will provide more than generous alms.

Is this ure typical textbook example? I think not.

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5/28/2008 1:56:59 PM

05/28/2008 13:43 *DJ Stern: Bear Stearns Bailout Raises Moral Hazard Risks
05/28/2008 13:36 *DJ Fed's Stern: Banks Have Become Conservative On Lending
05/28/2008 13:36 *DJ Stern: Energy Price Gains Appear Fundamentally Driven
05/28/2008 13:36 *DJ Fed Stern: Fed Policy Moves Have Been 'Wholly Appropriate'
05/28/2008 13:36 *DJ Fed Stern: Takes Seriously Financial Stability Responsiblity
05/28/2008 13:36 *DJ Fed Stern: Has Seen Some Signs Of Market Improvement
05/28/2008 13:36 *DJ Fed Stern: Headline Inflation Gains 'Too Rapid For Comfort'
05/28/2008 13:36 *DJ Stern: Rate Policy Must Remain 'Sensitive' To New Data
05/28/2008 13:36 *DJ Stern: 'Confident' Fed Will Act To Achieve Price Mandate
05/28/2008 13:36 *DJ Fed's Stern: Credit Crunch Can't Be Ruled Out
05/28/2008 13:36 *DJ Fed's Stern: Mkt Woes Have Uncertain Impact On Inflation
05/28/2008 13:36 *DJ Fed's Stern: Asset Prices May Have Monetary Policy Role
05/28/2008 13:36 *DJ Fed Stern: Core Inflation, Expectations Better Behaved

With the exception of B.S. bailout, here's my response: ure full of crap.

Even Henry Blodget, of all names, is critical of Bernanke. What more can I say!

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5/28/2008 2:14:05 PM

Berny is not the problem: the guys who manipulate the remote control to make B. speak and act as they want him to. Any ideas? complot theories? Jews taking over the world? Arabs? Chinese? Me? :)

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5/28/2008 2:24:27 PM

So we have a conspiracy theorist amongst us, eh? lol

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