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7/7/2015 2:16:47 PM

In other words, there is no memory of the previous close.

Close is $12 and then the next update the close is $14 (both occur on the same day). The system does not remember the $12. Thus there is no way to run a filter against the previous update of $12. The filter will run against $14.

So update does occur of the close price and there is no ability to run a filter against a previous close on the same day.

I guess this is what I understand

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7/7/2015 3:28:47 PM

So, essentially, there is no way to run a filter that will show me data developed successively during a day within an hourly range, as I was trying to do with the a bollinger break up followed by two green candles over a period of a couple hours.

Or, in other words, StockFetcher's definition of intraday data is the summary data available at the time (or 15-20 minutes delayed) that the filter is run.

Or, IOW, there is no way to write a filter to pick up a bollinger break with following confirmation candles that occurs during the time the market is open. Is this statement correct? If it's impossible, please tell me so. Otherwise, I'm wasting a lot of time.

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7/7/2015 3:45:56 PM

You are correct. StockFetcher does not support intraday periods (hourly,etc.) Only daily and weekly.

StockFetcher Support

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7/7/2015 4:57:55 PM

However you can state

low below bollinger band (20,2)
close above bollinger band (20,2)
open above bollinger band (20,2)

where the results will show stocks that moved below said bollinger band some time during the trading day and went back above.

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7/7/2015 5:36:11 PM

Thanks you for the clear answer. I would think that by looking at the filter code I posted, we should have reached this point at my first post and saved both of us a lot of time. i think it was quite clear what I was trying to do with the filter.

I researched the help file (posted earlier) before I signed on. To say the least, it is quite misleading on this.

I have spend a lot of valuable time learning how to work with StockFetcher, even to the extent of printing and reading the entire user manual, only to realize now that what I wanted it for, is not feasible.

My one week trial period ended today, and I see you guys already charged my card. In light of the above, the $8.95 is inconsequential compared to the cost of the time I lost.

Since you are also discontinuing the back testing. I see no reason to continue with StockFetcher. Please cancel my account.

I think you guys need to do two things if you want to maintain an unvarnished reputation in the marketplace.

1. Revise your help file to make the limitations of StockFetcher crystal clear!.
2. Provide (like everyone else in the industry) a 30 day free trial period. Seven days is not ample trial time to discover the product! Both StrataSearch and TC2000 provide a 30 day free trial.

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7/7/2015 5:40:27 PM

Thank you for the feedback. We are sorry StockFetcher does not meet your needs. Unfortunately, we do feel we have made this topic of intraday screening very clear via multiple help topics:

StockFetcher Intraday Updates
Can StockFetcher screens access real time data

Below is a help topic with more details concerning account cancellation:

How do I cancel my StockFetcher Subscription

StockFetcher Support

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7/7/2015 5:47:57 PM

Mak - That's fine but what you want to look for with the Bollinger up break is two or three green candles following a break below the -2 line. If that condition isn't met, the signal is useless and only tells you that you have a volatility.

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7/7/2015 9:55:44 PM

Garsworld or tradstation can do this but cost a lot more than sf

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