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1/31/2010 5:57:11 PM

I'm also an IBD subscriber, and they strongly urge investors to find stocks that are breaking out of a base, usually one that has lasted for at least 7 weeks. However, I can't find any indicator or set of indicators that will produce charts showing stocks that have stayed in a tight trading range for that period of time. if such a thing can be constructed, it would then be good to find an indicator that shows a new breakout from the base.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

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1/31/2010 7:49:35 PM

Here is a general approach to finding such stocks..............

You can tweak the amount that the stock corrects in the "base"
You can tweak the length of the base....relative strength.... etc...
Learn to use the count function in stockfetcher...

In general, if you are new to the IBD method...... you need a healthy market....
Breakouts are very likely to fail in the present of now that is...

You might want to keep a two week, 3 week, 4 week base and so on
as seperate filters... I wouldnt know how to combine them..... CHET !

Good luck

close > 20
avg vol(90) > 300000

/*close hasnt reached a new 52 week high in 5 weeks.......maybe a base*/
count(close reached a new 52 week high, 25) < 1

/* base not broken....never more than 25% correction in 5 weeks*/
count( close > 25 percent below 52 week high, 25) < 1

/*approaching new 52 week high.....begin to watch the stock*/
close less than 7 percent below 52 week high

/*decent performance in last 6 months*/
close gained 30% within the last 6 months

/* bullish criterea*/
ma(10) > ma(40)
close > ma(100)
close > ma(200)
do not draw ma(100)
do not draw ma(200)

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1/31/2010 10:46:09 PM

Watch this stock:CEMJQ

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