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3/2/2009 12:12:32 AM

If Warren Buffett is having a hard time,I feel sorry for the rest of the folks still in the market long term.With the average long term investor down 50%,you kind of wonder when they're going to throw the towel in.The odds are if these hold outs start selling,you could possibly see the Dow come down to levels not seen in our lifetimes.If they hold out,the market could possibly put in some kind of bottom in the very near future.The only problem this time around is investor confidence.It has to be at an all time low,considering the scandels that are being uncovered,almost on a daily basis......

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3/2/2009 6:58:26 AM

many 401K matches occur in March....and 401K contributions continue. I have not been able to find any concise info on aggregate 401K contributions or the contribution curve over the past year. anyone?

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3/2/2009 10:36:50 AM

They just discontinued our 401K match as well as all other 'special' benefits until September at Pierce/OSK where I am employed.All those thousands of unemployed would receive their 401K distribution in form of a check and are most likely going to live on that along with unemployment for a while,at least until Obama can get the straw hats and shovels ready.I didn't put a number on those distributions but nobodies going to loose 50% in a 401 then get laid off and turn around and put it right back into an IRA while the market is dripping red.

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