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6/27/2011 12:43:32 PM

I spent all day building and testing filters and had to resort them. I moved some up and down the list and deleted a few. When I hit SAVE it failed to save. When I returned, half of my filters are gone. Apparently moving them around and then deleting some of them confused the system... I did have SF2.0 open and was able to cut and paste a couple of them before they disappeared.

I highly suggest you cut and paste your filters to your computer as a back up.

I built some backtests with these My (lost) filters - is there a way to recover them from the backtest area?


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7/25/2011 11:22:20 PM

Don't know about recovering filters but there's a quick way to backup your filters before you reorganize them.

After clicking on the main tab "My Filters", click on "Settings" at the top right of the new page (which is the listing of your filters), then the second option on the page that comes up is "Click Export to download your filters" --> by clicking on EXPORT, a Notepad file comes up that has all the code from all of your filters. Granted, it's not as easy to read as if you cut and paste each filter because it's a text file without formatting, but it's all there and serves as an excellent backup.

Occasionally I start to revamp a filter (without backing it up) and realize it was better before I started playing with it, but the original code is lost. Or, I delete a filter and then wish I hadn't. So, I find it's good to perform a backup periodically anyway.

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