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6/4/2006 8:12:15 PM

Hey guys As you know Value, vector Vest. RSI2 and DMA(28,-14) ARE MY BREAD AND BUTtER$$$ BUT i ALWAYS LIKE LEARNING NEW THINGS. In one of the only blogs that I like the guy shows a strategy incorporating CCI and stochatics. Since I dont use those indicators , but really respect the author could you take a look at it real quick and give me your opinion on the strategy.. Thanks guys. The strategy is right on the front page.

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6/4/2006 8:48:17 PM


For me personally....I use(rely on) too many other indicators for my conformation. This strategy is for "Rookies!" as....these are the kinds of combonations you and I played around with, before we ever made our first trade! Remember how easy we thought this was gonna be?....More than that....I remember coupling these types of Oscillators, and turning them into bogus filters, when I first started out here at SF. LOL....Hey....stick to DMA & RSI(2) KNOW that works! "Why settle for anything less?"......


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6/4/2006 9:51:04 PM


When it comes to trading the focus must be on PROFIT.

Some say, protecting your pile is most important.

Either way, it's about managing the money.

Don't confuse learning something new with learning how to trade.

Until you have mastered the fundamentals of trading, you have no business learning new things. Once you have mastered the fundamentals, you just may find you don't need to learn new things about trading to make money. Your time will be freed up for trips to beaches, mountains, resorts, etc...

I don't use CCI.

I only look at Stochastics when someone asks me too.

I don't even need to run filters to select stocks. I already have my "herd of (cash) cows that I trade over and over and over.

Once you learn how to trade, it doesn't matter what you trade because you'll know when to enter/exit and walk away with a profit.

I keep writing new filters/displays because I can and I like to tinker. If I see a new pattern that I think I can exploit, I'll write an indicator and run a statistical analysis. That's what's going on with the MIDDLE.


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