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3/7/2022 12:14:23 PM

Hey friends. Really love these forums. Question: If I wanted to calculate an indicator since an event occurred - how would I do this? For instance - assume volume spike 180 days ago and I want to calculate volume since then, or volume for the last 179 days - how would I do this? I believe this is a simple case on a stock-by-stock basis, ie, sum(Volume, 179). However - how do I do this in the general case for all stocks in a scan, when they would have had their event at different times and the sum would be for different amounts of days?

Thank you so much.

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3/8/2022 11:38:03 AM

Any thoughts anyone? I appreciate any feedback.

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3/8/2022 11:46:31 AM

I think the only way you can do what your asking is through visual looking at charts

draw Average Volume(30)
chart-time is 7 months

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3/9/2022 12:22:37 PM,

Since the SF SUM function does not take a variable for its number of days to sum up, it makes what you want to achieve nearly impossible in SF.

If you are only interested in cumulative Volume totals for a specified number of days for each different stock in the filter results; there might be a possible workaround using the SF variable Offset command in combination with the SF accumulation distribution command and some math manipulations but it will be messy if it can be made to work...

Ed S.
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3/9/2022 4:06:34 PM

Thank you. I appreciate the responses. I've played with a lot of routes but haven't quite solved this properly yet.

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4/6/2022 12:55:56 PM

This is what is needed, the ability to make your own custom indicator, you could create a screen and plot out the results over time, 10 results yesterday 15 results today.... ect.

you could use that custom indicator on other screens, it would be hugely valuable in order to see what other market participants are doing across the entire market, running a screen on the SPY is just to latent you cant see what is going on inside the index.

Imagen if you could plot a custom indicator, for example the leaders closing up or down... follow the smart money.

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