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1/24/2007 8:49:44 PM

set{lshadowsize, body_bottom - low}
set{tshadowsize, high - body_top}
set{body_size, body_top - body_bottom}
set{body_size2, body_size * 2}
show stocks where tshadowsize is less than 0.001
and lshadowsize > body_size2
and close decreasing for the last 3 days
and body_top < close 1 day ago

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1/24/2007 11:15:41 PM

I see/read this as a way to analysis stocks via a candle stick approach

to start, stockfetcher (sf) has some predefined variables such as low, high, close, and open and by default sf assigns the variables the corresponding values of low, high, close, and open

the "set" command is how you can define your own variables and assign them a value

The first "set" command creates the variable called "body_bottom" and assigns the value which is the minimum value of either the stocks open or the stocks closevalue

you can read this first set command line like this...

set body_bottom equal to the minimum of either the open or close value

with this understood, know think about a candle stick, it has a body, a top, a tail, etc...

this filter makes use of 6 user defined variables


you can figure out what these represent by drawing a candle stick and applying the associated math to your diagram

now comes the part of the filter that tells sf what to display in the filter results. It starts with

show stocks where the tail size is less than the value of 0.0001

meaning to me show stocks that have very small candle stick tails

a small body size - meaning the close and open were close in value
also the close has been decreasing for 3 days or meaning 3 days down
and the body_top was less than the close 1 day ago

I hope this helps...

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1/26/2007 1:56:51 PM

Thank you so much for taking time out to try and explain this....I am somewhat getting it. Can you explain the difference between body_size and body_size2

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1/26/2007 5:24:22 PM

* means times or multiply

thus body_size2 is equal to body_size * 2 or twice the size of body_size

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