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2/7/2010 6:15:14 PM

With all the OTC and back office there any way to research the
size/ extent of the US dollar carry trade since interest rates went to near zero
a while back ?

Anyone? You can kill me if you tell .....

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2/7/2010 8:23:48 PM

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2/8/2010 10:25:23 AM

This is what I am looking for.... some reasonable measuruement to the extent of this move underway in the
dollar......How far it may go....

Dollar should have a problem moving above 80.... then 83.... we will see.

How crowded is the "no brainer" trade ( short dollar/ long risk assets) "soft" will the unwind be...
Even the "everyone should be short US treasuries" trade is over....for now....

Stong dollar is not good for Wall Street or domestic manufacturing jobs, or employment, or earnings, or exporters of
anything (Microsoft, Google, IBM)...and of course energy/commodities

There is not a nation on earth that wants the strong currency...

But US and Japan still get it ...with EU having soverign debt problems...

Bernanke testifying this week..... cutting down the size of auctions....buybacks...easing out of the stimulus...
Should throw some gas on the dollar..

Sharks and vultures are out there......same game with nations , so it seems, as with financial system......
Bid up CDS's of soverign debt....downgrade credit of nations.....short the currency(euro, not Yen)....and cause
liquidations of all risk assets where all massive liquidity went( Gold, Oil, Emerging markets, US stocks) .

How else do you explain those strange "down 250" days.

Credit crises redux (II) ? Contagion ? Is it 6 , 60 or 600 trillion in WMD ?

But... this is just one opinion of the last few weeks old news...."staring at the sun" .
Tommorrow will be 18 of 20 Mondays up big....maybe the start of a big rally...

Ps: I do know the extent cant be known.......but c'mon......give me a number.... any number...

Euro 1.25 ?

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