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8/21/2003 1:30:13 AM

I am a bit confused: assume I have 3 filters in My Filters - Filter 1 Filter 2 and Filter 3 - my assumption is that if Global is OFF any filter is an independent filter so clicking on VIEW gives me the results for that filter (and only for that one). The question is how can I chain the filters -let's say I turn on the GLOBAL on Filter 1 and 3 - the results of a VIEW on Filter 3 means that Filter 1 was applied already and filtered the results of Filter 3 (AND conjuction between results of filter 1 and 3) is that assumption correct?
If not how can I chain the 2 filters and is the order important? filter 1 first that filter 3 or the opposite??!!
Please help

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8/21/2003 10:52:23 AM


I'm relatively new here myself, but I understood the 'Global' switch to control whether the charts for a particular filter would use the global chart settings, nothing more. I just tested this by specifying in my global settings that RSI(2) should be shown on all charts. When 'global' was turned on for a particular filter, I saw the RSI(2) at the bottom of each chart; when turned off for a given filter, I didn't see it.

You may want to check this with the site admins....


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