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10/17/2002 5:23:37 AM

Hi guys,

I'm trying to get a 1 year RSI. So modify your own provided RSI filter to be calculated over 260 days like below:

'Show stocks where RSI(260) crossed above 30.00 within the last 1 day and Average Volume(90) is above 50000 and close is between 0 and 250 and scale is log and chart-size giant'

When I view the charts it still says it is using an RSI(14). Is it really using an RSI 14 or is it using a RSI 260?

Any advice/pointers are appreciated.

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10/17/2002 5:27:03 AM

To follow up my own question, which will lead me to another question...

The RSI(14) and RSI(260) queries give the exact same results, so I assume it is ignoring my request of a RSI(260). What is the limit for an RSI query then? A book I am reading "Technical Analysis Explained" by Martin Pring claims that a 12 month RSI helps isolate major buy candidates.

I look forward to hearing your response.

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10/17/2002 8:31:24 AM


Thanks for the feedback. It turns out that we have default limits on many of the indicators when it comes to the number of days used for the "period". In the case of the RSI it was 100 days, so anything above 100 would fall back to the default of 14 days.

We have increased the RSI to allow up to 260 days. One note, because this is a much longer period and given the nature of the RSI, it takes an extreme change over the past months to move the RSI(260) very far from 50. So the typical thresholds of 30 and 70 will probably not produce many matches.

Also, some charts may come up with the RSI(260) at 0 for a long time, this is possibly a result of not enough history for the given ticker symbol.

Below are some samples that should demonstrate the longer periods:

Fetcher[RSI(260) crossed above 40 within the last 2 days]

Fetcher[RSI(260) crossed below 60 within the last 6 days]

I hope that this helps -- don't hesitate to drop us a line if you have any further questions!

Tom Support

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