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6/6/2010 11:11:17 AM

News is used by smart money as a tool,to scare out the public with "bad news",buy shares cheap,then sell them up with "good news".I'm surprised no one has caught onto it.The only reason big money buys shares is to sell them to the public in a confidence game,to make them appear like their actually buying an appreciating asset.In reality,the only thing that's appreciating are their balance sheets.If you think Wall Street operates anyway other than that,wake up and smell the coffee......

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6/8/2010 1:14:15 PM

They've always done this. Called Pump and Dump method. Where the small time investors / traders get wacked every time if they are not careful. We the little guy in the game needs to be vigilant in staying alert to when the big guys begin dumping. Happy investing and good luck too.

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10/6/2010 10:36:17 AM

Posted: 05 Oct 2010 10:47 AM PDT
The Federal Reserve announced at its most recent meeting that it stands ready to unleash even more money (money printed out of thin air, thereby called Quantitative Easing) in the bond market if the economy slows. This sets up yet another bizzaro universe scenario where any and all news only drives the equity markets, commodities, and precious metals higher, as good news is seen as, well, good, and bad news is seen as further reason for the Fed to act.
So far, the Fed has used the funds rolling in off of its mortgage portfolio to buy treasury bonds, which keeps treasury prices high and yields low, thereby affecting all assets (like mortgages) priced off of treasury yields, and also keeps liquidity flowing. As long as new liquidity flows into the market, there is the continued devaluation of all dollars already in the system, thereby leading to the increased prices for metals, other commodities, and equities.
Make no mistake, the Federal Reserve is redrawing the economic pie when it prints new dollars. Their share gets bigger, all outstanding dollars get smaller. Every single dollar in your pocket is worth less.
So whatís the goal? What could possibly be of such importance that it makes theft by the government an appropriate course of action? Your well being, of course.
The government has clearly outlined a strategy that is intended to save all of us fromÖpain. Financial pain, to be more precise. To save us from falling home values, equity values, incomes, etc., the government has embarked on a massive program to prop up all valuations. But the government cannot do this on its own, as it has no funds. In order to do this the government must get the economic horsepower from somewhere. The US government in the form of the Treasury Dept could borrow the money, but that would require messy Congressional approval for a number that is over 3 times the size of the stimulus package. Instead, the Treasury relies on the Federal Reserve to do the heavy lifting, purchasing $1.7 trillion in assets so far, with another round of purchases estimated to be right around the corner. If the new round of QE comes in at the estimated $500 billion , then a full $2.2 trillion will have been printed out of thin air to prop up the rickety assets in the US.
Where does the economic force behind these new dollars come from? From savers, of course. Every one who has a US greenback to their name pays the price. Each dollar gets nicked, so the more dollars you have, the more you get nicked.
We are in the midst of what could become the greatest forced wealth transfer in the history of the US.
What happens when it doesnít work? What happens when the Fed has printed $2 trillion plus and the jobs market does not pick up? Companies donít rush out to advertise in the help wanted section? Individuals donít charge up their credit cards or take on new loans?
We are already here. The Fed has spent approximately $1.7 trillion, and thatís on top of the US governmentís $700-800 billion stimulus, and unemployment is still hanging right about 10%. Credit outstanding in the US is still falling. The overwhelming weight of deflation is still pressing on the markets.
At some point, this disconnect between the Fedís stated goals and the reality of the economy will have to be recognized. Then the pain that the Fed was trying to avoid will descend on us anyway. Except, we will have squandered some of our purchasing power ahead of time, making the situation even worse than it would have been.
HS Dent


Keep trading guys!
When this Ponzi scheme collapses, you're gonna need a LOT of FIAT MONEY to survive!

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10/17/2010 12:42:31 AM,TLT,GLD,SLV,UUP,UDN,^DJI

Good argument... I total agree with his assessment...

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