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9/21/2012 12:36:39 AM

Computational Investing, Part I
Tucker Balch
Find out how modern electronic markets work, why stock prices change in the ways they do, and how computation can help our understanding of them. Learn to build algorithms and visualizations to inform investing practice.

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9/21/2012 1:22:59 PM

Thanks for the link four!

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10/28/2012 5:10:34 PM

Anyone besides me taking this course?

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10/28/2012 6:44:22 PM

Please let us know how it goes.

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10/29/2012 9:00:26 PM

Course Outline
•Week 1 •Module 1: Course Introduction and Overview •011: Learning Objectives for the Course

•Module 2: So You Want to be a Portfolio Manager? •021: Intro and Objectives, Viewpoint of the course, Incentives for fund managers
•022: Metrics for Assessing a Hedge Fund
•023: Metrics for Assessing a Hedge Fund (Part 2)
•023: Demo Using Excel
•024: Description of Project 1

•Week 2 •Module 1: Mechanics of the Market •031: Intro and Objectives; Major Order Types; The Order Book
•032: More about the Order Book
•033: How Hedge Funds Exploit Market Mechanics
•034: The Computing Inside a Hedge Fund

•Module 2: What is a Company Worth? •041: Intro and Objectives; Intrinsic Value (Future Dividends)
•042: How and Why News Affect Prices
•043: Fundamental Analysis of Company Value

•Week 3 •Module 1: Setting Up the Software •061: QSTK Software Overview
•062: Installing Prereqs on Unix (MacOS and Ubuntu)
•063: Installing QSTK (all OS)
•064: Installing Data and Testing QSTK
•065: Testing QSTK continued

•Module 2: The Capital Assets Pricing Model

•Week 4 •Module 1: The Efficient Frontier and Efficient Markets
•Module 2: How and Why Information Affects Prices

•Week 5 •Module 1: Data and Its Pitfalls
•Module 2: Is Technical Analysis Voodoo Science?

•Week 6 •Module 1: How to Build Technical Indicators in Python
•Module 2: Building a Market Simulator in Python

•Week 7 •Module 1: Warren Buffet, Steve Cohen and "The Fundamental Law"
•Module 2: Some Computational Investing Strategies

•Week 8 •Module 1: Things We Left Out: Ideas to Carry Forward
•Module 2: Arbitrage

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10/30/2012 7:07:20 AM

I can't find info anywhere on the website about the cost involved?

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10/30/2012 9:40:08 AM

Hard to believe but all the classes are free.

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10/30/2012 10:47:19 AM

Are the classes on video and are they archived so we can go back to the beginning?

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10/30/2012 1:31:36 PM

Yes the classes are on video and the first homework assignment deadline has been extended.

Not sure,but you should be able to start the course now and you may have time to catch up.
Week 1 videos take < an hour to complete and if your half decent with excel you can get the HW done pretty quickly.

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11/2/2012 6:16:11 PM

Mahkoh....could you check the finviz collaborate channel?

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