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3/6/2005 11:09:52 PM

This is something i see written and discussed in nearly every article/book i read, but for some reason i have such a hard time obeying it!

Can we discuss this?

lets say you buy on open and it spikes up 30% then pulls back another 10% just before close ... its still a winner, is it cut or held? Anything imparticular to look for to determine if it has a serious pullback in store for the morning?

My best trades have been (when it works out) i buy at say 4.72 and set an immediate sell order for say 4.98, i often catch a quick spike just before it pulls back down. Doesnt this contradict the "rule" ?

Could it be that this rule is not fit for some types of plays? I mean when we look at some stocks we are looking for a quick spike, not for a long run for the sun.

But on the other hand i have been in numerous situations where i buy at 4.17, sell at 4.44 and then it runs to 4.90 .... i have also been in situations where i am sitting on losers hoping (yea i know ..) that it will pop soon .... ALSO been in situations where i buy even more into a loser because since it pulled back i like the price even more!

dang im just a mess, huh?

I guess im just like 98% of other traders out there ..... probably the 98% that lose their cash within a year ...

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3/7/2005 12:07:01 AM

No your not a mess. You just need to remember that the tools we use in here do give you the visual on when to buy and sell. You must learn particular tools in here very very well. Know which ones you understand best and stick with them. The other matter is discipline. For example if your stock goes south a specific amount lets say 8% then as the experts advise you better sell. But, you might want to cut out earlier or later. It all depends on your style of trading.

You must constantly watch many areas of trading to be successful. Read some good Technical books now out there in bookstores and learn what those authors are preaching. They didn't just become successful traders overnight. They learned the hard way and in their books they show you how to avoid catastrophe.

Watching the tendencies of stocks that show the roller coaster ride effect will guide your gut feelings and by you using some of the important tools we have in here you will know when to ride that stock or jump off that thing before its too late.

Goodluck and happy investing!


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