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1/14/2010 2:41:22 PM

I'm hoping there are a few here that goes the options route so I'm going to open a similar thread as the daily stock alerts. If no one participates, then I guess it will be just me, myself & Irene.

INTC is reporting after hours today. Right now the Feb 21c is running almost 5-1 vs the Feb 21 puts. Does anyone here have the balls of steel to take the

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1/14/2010 3:54:20 PM

I have 200 of the Feb 21 puts. Whats the worst that could happen break even. LOL

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1/15/2010 1:03:38 AM

Optionslam hasn't given them any earnings "stars" for a few years, they're due! Their stock jumped around 8% on their July earnings report.

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1/15/2010 4:14:29 AM

nice post. was waiting for this post. (-.-)

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1/18/2010 2:51:29 PM

My watch list for Tuesday - I might wait until Wednesday to see how the market will react to the MA election.

These options that I picked are based on higher than avg volume for both stocks & options. They must also avg a minimum of 25 contracts traded and 200 in open interest.

Please look at the charts and as always do your own due diligence.

1) %Opt Volume is based on yesterday's option volume compared to the average option volume over the past 30 days.
2) %Volume is % change is today's stock volume compared to the past 90 days.
3) %To Double is % change needed for the stock price in order for the option price to double.


%To Double %Opt Volume %Volume
1) TRA - Feb 33c $2.10 9 224 354
2) REXX - Feb 12.50c $1.40 13 217 754
3) LEAP - Feb 15c $1.25 13 242 274


%To Double %Opt Volume %Volume
1) ROST - Feb 45p $1.50 5 253 71
2) WU - Feb 20p $1.05 7 84 94
3) VALE - Feb 30p $1.26 9 203 100
4) CYD - Feb 17.50p $1.25 12 48 124

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1/19/2010 11:24:42 AM

I just bought the 5 calls on MPEL, now trading at 3.66.

20 for FEB at .05
10 for MAR at .15
5 for APR at .25

This is trying to pick a bottom based on MACD divergeance.

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1/19/2010 6:22:35 PM

First of all, I'm not much of a stock picker or options picker. I'm happy to watch the goings on. I'm a long time options student. I like what you're trying to do here on this thread. Enough said.

I'm curious, are you guys using any targets of any kind or just hoping for a big kill? By targets I mean, do you have any specific entry/exit criteria for your positions. This would help evaluate the picks.

Good Luck!

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1/19/2010 10:13:28 PM

1) AGN Feb 60c $2.95 - 436 Open Interest (OI) .66 Delta - It was up 2.83% today and down 1.19% after hours...I'd buy on any pullback close to 60.

2) AAPL Feb 220c $7.00 - It's a little high for an option price I'd like to pay, but if APPL runs, your option will double in almost no time. The price needs to only go up 8% for your option to double. AAPL can do this in its sleep. Huge 5-1 call vs put volume today - 45,444 OI .61 Delta.

3) XLV Feb 32c $1.35 OR 33c $.65 - This is a play on healthcare with Scott Brown winning in MA tonight. This had a big run today so I'd wait for it to maybe come back to the 10 EMA ($32.12). Call volume vs Put volume today was almost 10-1 at the 33 strike.

Others worth watching: PPH, T, MRVL, LEAP & CF.



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1/20/2010 2:07:06 AM

stock option ask


egov eiqdb .30 *update .30
aiq aiqcu .25 *update .20
trgl qbkbb .60 *update 2.00
elos qoecv .30 *update .20
snic qnibv .40 *update .35
pike pecbv .10 *update .10
shw shwbm .25 *update .20


ntt nttnd .20 *update .20

==>will follow up during week !

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1/20/2010 8:25:14 AM

Nice picks mystiq. I like to buy options under $2 myself. Can't wait for the new options symbols format to take place. It will be much easier to read!

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