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12/17/2009 12:13:16 AM

I wanted to see if anyone recommends any day trading coaching/training classes that they had success with?

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12/18/2009 9:43:28 PM

Well PaulChamp, you're about to get an earful, or rather an eyeful! And hopefully this post sparks some other responses too.

My advice, sign up with Phil Grande's "Phil's Gang", that's PhilsGang, all one word, dot C Oh M (pardon the dot stuff, some forums flag as spam otherwise). Forty bucks a month, fifteen for the optional support-resistance charts, twenty for the optional institutional money in-out charts, and seventy for the quarterly optional four-hour Saturday training seminars. Gang members can also use the same broker as Phil for the unheard-of price of five dollars and twenty five cents per trade. The gang is big enough (I'm guessing the high tens of thousands) that it's worth it for the brokerage house and they've assigned the gang a broker just for us.

Don't be fooled by the rinky-dinky site (new site in the works), this guy's the real deal. He's a pure chartist, no high-falloot'n statistics, fundamentals, or filtering (StockFetcher is an 'nice to have', FreeStockCharts by Worden, now that's a necessity)! Phil's been trading for 40+ years, you won't find what he teaches anywhere else, and he tells you exactly what's what. The site explains what you get for your money.

Personally I've been with him for almost 9 months and mind you I haven't made allot yet because I'm still learning and my business plan is to profit when this market collapses (and believe me it will, big-time, catastrophic)! So I've got nothing to brag about, yeah I've got a couple of masters degrees in business and applied economics under my belt, but you know what, that's worth diddly-squat when dealing with the market! Trading is a game of human behavior, a great-big video game, nothing more, but with real money and real people. You'd better know what you're doing and play by the rules or you're gonna get creamed big-time!

PhilsGang isn't for everyone, you've got to have patience and really like learning about charts. And you have to be willing to take responsibility for your own financial future and trade the right way. No shortcuts, no "Going Off The Reservation" as Phil says. Slamming on big positions right and left from the get-go is leaving the reservation. Just about everybody learns that lesson the hard way and believe you me I learned mine and it cost some bux too! Big take away, never 'go off the reservation', positions are built and managed, not slammed!

So day-trading, pattern day-trading, as in getting in and out of a stock in a single day with big positions on little penny moves, that's a huge NO-NO! Especially for the novice! If that's your game, go somewhere else and better have 50 grand to loose for the pleasure of learning because that what it takes. You need some major cajones and a wad of cash for that kind of deal!

Now the only major complaint I have about PhilsGang is that I believe it has a high turnover for newbies precisely because it's not for everyone. Others go off the reservation and leave grumpy I suspect. Phil promotes PhilsGang with an excellent one-hour radio infomercial investment show weekday afternoons on business radio stations all across the country. For PhilsGang web-subscribers he opens each day with a 20 minute or so web-video featuring primarily, what else, charts! In this 'Coffee-Talk' type format the first thing he does every day is welcome the new PhilsGang members and hand-holds them into the morning's live hour-and-a-half trading session. So building the 'Gang' is a constant activity, that tells me lots of newbies don't stick around.

A minor complaint is first impressions. The web site, well, let's just say it's about as far from slick as rinky-dinky can get (hopefully the new one will have a forum). At first I thought he was just another talk-radio shyster hawking his wares with corny radio sound-gags! What he had to say about the market though made perfect sense and the insights were nothing short of phenomenal! But the trade gains being touted seemed just plain ridiculous! How could he possibly have known to make such moves just from looking at charts? Well, as soon as I saw the videoed charts on the site's introductory section I knew instantly this was not a put-on! I'm a numbers guy, I'm used to reading all kinds of charts and I could see as plain as day that this was legit, anybody could learn this! That was confirmed when Phil took a rare week's vacation and a long-time gang-member hosted his daily live web-sessions. That's when I knew this was the real deal, they guy was unrehearsed, totally honest and upfront, and he knew his stuff, and he learned it all from Phil!

It's humbling. To think that some old-codger who didn't even last one week in high school can teach just about anyone enough to outmaneuver 99% of the professionals out there is astounding! And he does this from a not-too-shabby studio in his own home in Sarasota, Florida with a small support team and 'Bud' the 'stock-dog' usually by his side! Five minutes with Phil and you'll know more than most brokers and planners!

So take a chance, check out PhilsGang!

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12/18/2009 11:35:07 PM

Paul,the market itself,will teach you plenty of lessons.The only problem is you'll have to pay the price of an education.But it will be the best kind of education you can get anywhere.....

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12/20/2009 2:15:05 PM

Thanks for the input. I initially got some training via BetterTrades. The training they provided gave me a pretty good foundation. I am now looking for a coaching program that can help me become a better trader. The coaching programs that I have found are trading future e-minis versus stocks. If anyone knows of programs that focus on coaching on trading stocks please let me know.

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12/20/2009 7:30:58 PM


I just got this in the mail. It says:
"Join Traders Help Desk's FREE Live Trading Sessions"
Live sessions are held Monday to Thursday
8am - 11am ET
Join our FREE Live Trading Room where you will learn to profit in any market using simple trading techniques!

"Understanding the Importance of Divergence"
Understanding Divergence

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12/20/2009 7:45:00 PM David Waring's pretty sharp.

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12/22/2009 10:32:17 AM

Re: TradersHelp Desk

They're trading Forex and Futures.

Those of you interested in trading the E-minis might want to check out this trading room.

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12/22/2009 6:14:25 PM

here is one that i enjoy most

daytradingradio dot com

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12/22/2009 11:02:26 PM

Thanks for your input!

I ran across a few days ago, and there virtual trading room seems pretty good. They offer a free trial.

I checked out Their site looks good. I am going to signup for their 2 week trial.

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