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1/4/2010 4:22:18 PM

Anyone else? Been trying to add more long term plays. By friday my eyes are killing me and i feel unrested but since i slowed down, just feel better.

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1/4/2010 4:54:48 PM

That's why I DON'T daytrade anymore.
If you read my posts, you'll see, I now stay in trades 3 days or longer before I get out.
I also DON'T trade everyday.
Some days I just "watch".
Daytrading burned me out too.
I won't do it again.
Besides, I make more money swing-trading.
I don't "cut losses" anymore either. Don't have to.
I just "swing" .. or sit it out, until I B/E or make a gain. And as long as it's NOT an ETF, I'm okay.
I've bee holding BCRX for a month.
I will sell .. either when I B/E or can TAKE PROFITS.

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1/4/2010 4:55:45 PM


Try swing trading for a while. You won't get the fast money you get with day trading, but you can still make $$$. I can't day trade due to my day job. So I swing trade.

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1/4/2010 5:02:07 PM

I realize it's not the filter, but how you trade, but, I would still be interested in your favorite "swing" filters.
Thanks in advance.

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1/4/2010 5:04:47 PM

What kind of swing trading strategies are you guys using? I know there are many strategies and would appreciate some insight for a newbie :)

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1/4/2010 5:59:57 PM

Frankly, I don't know how you guys can track so many stocks, with the required level of focus all day, and NOT be burned out.

If I were to day trade, I would look closely at TRO's Milk The Cows strategy, and focus on a few stocks that you can successfully fade gaps with.

Ask yourself this: "In the last six months, did I make more money day trading than if I were to have simply plunked it all down on SPY and went on vacation?"

If the answer is NO, you might want to take a break for a while and rework your strategy.

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1/4/2010 6:22:15 PM

Another stock I NEVER SHOULD'VE daytraded ... MON.
I posted MON here when it was $68-69.
I tried to trade it, (which I did successfully from "the bottom") but missed the move from $73 to $84.

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1/4/2010 6:33:27 PM

I can tell you plenty things that suck about dt'g.
Like put on too many options and FORGET what you have. (QGMMP? WTH*## is that??!!)
OR ...
Put on too many positions, and run out of cash.
Then you have to sit on the sidelines and WAIT for one position to make money or B/E.
Then liquidate it. THEN .... WAIT 3 days for the trade to clear .... so you'll have some cash.
Staggering single trades over 3-4 days, keeps me in check.

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1/4/2010 9:24:03 PM

I'm with you guys. Just thinking about day-trading makes my mind go mushy and my eyes glaze over. My brain and body are very suited to swing-trading. This my day job now and I do have a second monitor for my laptop but thats it.

Much happier now, much.

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1/4/2010 9:52:27 PM

Day tradding to me looks so easy but its so hard....swing trading is hard too dont get me wrong... its a skill that takes years to develop but once mastered can chang your life forever. At least thats what I think. My goal is to master Swing and Day trading. I think thats why I like so much. If it was easy everyone would do it.

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