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4/20/2012 2:09:30 PM

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4/25/2012 9:44:08 PM

The best day trading set up is right here.Tro's "buy zone" AAPL.If you can master this simple technique in the first 30 mins off the open,you could shut off your pc and enjoy the rest of the day,hopefully with $$$ in your pocket.

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4/25/2012 10:10:25 PM

TRO's system needs to be adaptive. It was developed when AAPL traded at $80, not $600. To take a fraction of a dollar as your target today will net you a loss after commissions.

No disrespect to TRO intended here, but rather a realization that this system needs to be more flexible around entry and exit criteria if you are trading high dollar stocks.

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4/26/2012 10:05:09 AM

I've been using it sucessfully in the $600 range,with the exception that I trade for dollars not for cents.

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4/26/2012 2:05:51 PM

I haven't seen any of Tro's comments these days? I wonder if he's still a S.F. member?

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4/26/2012 3:04:27 PM

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I've been using it sucessfully in the $600 range,with the exception that I trade for dollars not for cents.

My point exactly. You have adapted it. In truth, I made this observation to TRO back in 2009 when AAPL was at $200 - the basic approach is solid, but could be modified to target a fractional percentage like 0.25% as easily as an absolute amount like $0.10-$0.50.

Glad to see it is working for you.


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4/26/2012 4:53:20 PM

Most of the AAPL trades I put on are "gap trades".They are high percentage fade trades in your favor.You are basically trading against the public.I just use the "buy zone" strictly as an entry point on a "gap style" trade.It is plain and simple,no guessing,wishing,hoping,praying.Just pull the trigger and use strict money management.If you're going to day trade,you might as well learn this simple technique.The first 15-30 mins off the open,is where the money is..

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4/26/2012 8:54:12 PM

Just to put my 2cents in, Kevin is right, you have to be on the look out for stocks that work well with the system.

One I have been playing a short strategy on in the last couple weeks is CLNT. For a dollar stock, this thing has been moving dramatically intraday.

It would work well (until it stops working well) for TROs scalping plays.


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4/27/2012 7:31:31 AM

MTC % checker

Fetcher[set{Xgapped, open - close 1 day ago}
set{Xgapup, count(Xgapped > 0, 1)}
set{Xgapdn, count(Xgapped < 0, 1)}

set{absgapz, abs(Xgapped)}
set{absgapx,absgapz/close 1 day ago}
set{ absgap,absgapx*100}

set{gappedup100, count(Xgapup > 0, 100)}
set{gappeddn100, count(Xgapdn > 0, 100)}

set{cl1lo, close 1 day ago - low}
set{hicl1, high - close 1 day ago }

set{fillup, count(cl1lo > 0, 1)}
set{filldn, count(hicl1 > 0, 1)}

set{gapupfilled, Xgapup * fillup }
set{gapdnfilled, Xgapdn * filldn }

set{gapup100f, count(gapupfilled > 0, 100)}
set{gapdn100f, count(gapdnfilled > 0, 100)}

set{gapfilled, gapup100f + gapdn100f}



and add column gapfilled
add column separator
and add column gappedup100
and add column gapup100f
set {filluppct , gapup100f/gappedup100}
an add column filluppct
add column separator

and add column gappeddn100
and add column gapdn100f
set {filldnpct , gapdn100f/gappeddn100}
an add column filldnpct
add column separator

and add column cma(absgap, 30){avg gap%}
and add column absgap 30 day high
and add column industry
chart-length is 100 days

set{ hiop1, high - open }
set{ up10, count( hiop > 0.3, 100 ) }
set{ up25, count( hiop > 0.5, 100 ) }
set{ up50, count( hiop > 1, 100 ) }
set{ pct1, up50 / up25 }
set{winpctup, 100 * pct1 }
winpctup above 79 do not draw winpctup
price above 10
Average Volume(8) above 3000000
market is not etf

set{ oplo1, open - low }
set{ dn10, count( oplo > 0.3, 100 ) }
set{ dn25, count( oplo > 0.5, 100 ) }
set{ dn50, count( oplo > 1, 100 ) }
set{ pct2, dn50 / dn25 }
set{winpctdn, 100 * pct2 }

add column separator
add column up10{up0.3%}
add column up25{up0.5%}
add column up50{up1%}
add column winpctup
add column separator
add column dn10{dn0.3%}
add column dn25{dn0.5%}
add column dn50{dn1%}
add column winpctdn

sort column 22 descending

This is basically a mix of two of TRO's filters," fade the gap" and "milk the cows"
The upper columns are the gapstatistics, the lower columns show statistics on the move from the open.
winpctup and winpctdn tell you what your chances are of the stock making the 1% move once it has reached 0.5%

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