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12/4/2005 12:52:10 PM

Found this in inbox today... of course it had a chart..LOL!

December 3, 2005

I'd like to introduce you to quite an ingenious market thinker, Jeff Siegel. Jeff is the editor of Green Chip Stocks.

For lack of a better word(s), Jeff's portfolio has been "kicking tail" this year, posting gains of +188% in Planet Organic, +42% in Evergreen Solar and 110% in Gaiam.

I first met Jeff in 1994 when we were junior editors at Agora Publishing. Both of us were learning the investment business from some of the brightest financial minds in America. Men like Bill Bonner, Mike Schaefer and Doug Casey.

One of the market skills Jeff learned during those early days was an ability to predict long-term trends in the market. One of the long-term trends Jeff has identified for the 21st Century is renewable energy.

Like Mike Schaefer, who predicted the current energy crisis way back in 1997, Jeff is predicting that a fundamental shift is underway in the energy markets.

Jeff recently returned from an energy conference that I believe will have a dramatic, positive effect on your portfolio in 2006. His update is below.

Best regards,

Brian Hicks
Publisher, Green Chip Stocks

Heed this URGENT message from Jeff Siegel, celebrated and cutting edge editor of Wealth Daily who picked Planet Organic (up +158% in 3 months), Evergreen Solar (up 41% in 2 months), and Gaiam (a gain of 110% for 2005)

Jeff just returned from the largest "Future" Energy conference in America... and he's here to tell you...

A tiny high-tech company, which won the 2005 World Technology Award, just unlocked one of the largest sources of energy ever.

They developed a glass window that acts like a solar panel. The window captures sunlight then quickly converts it into energy.

Whether it's your home or a 40-story skyscraper, this window can heat or cool the building!

The company is incredibly small... trading for a market capitalization of just $47 million. But I think it'll be a billion dollar company within 3 years.

Dear reader:

A tiny high-tech company in California just unlocked one of the largest sources of energy anywhere on Earth.

To give you an idea how much energy is at this company's fingertips, its systems could eventually capture more energy in a single month than Saudi Arabia will produce in the next 50 years!

The breakthrough is something called a solar window.

A "solar window" looks like a regular window you'd see in a typical office building. In fact, you can't tell the difference between the 2.

Except there's one huge difference. The solar window, which won the 2005 World Technology Award, contains tiny solar film that captures sunlight, converts it into energy, and uses the energy to heat or cool your room.

The invention is blockbuster, and could literally change the way we use energy forever.

The Birth of a New Industry: Endless Energy
Many think this window will single-handedly transform the energy market, making electric utility companies nearly obsolete. similar to what the PC and Windows did to typewriter companies like Brother and Smith Corona.

Jeff Siegel is the managing editor of Green Chip Stocks, an investment advisory service that has had stunning success in 2005 with portfolio returns of over 34% for the year. Jeff focuses on stocks in the emerging and lucrative organic food and renewable energy industries.

Jeff is a new breed of investor. Part entrepreneur, part Renaissance man, Jeff is an accomplished musician and writer, having recorded and performed all over the world - from London to Rome to New York. He was even called upon to score part of the latest Exorcist prequel.

From 1994 to 2001, Jeff worked for Agora Publishing, one of the largest financial newsletter publishers in the world.

In the past 4 years, he traveled across America searching for mega-trends that'll usher in a new generation of wealth.

Once a week in Green Chip Stocks, Jeff highlights investment opportunities in the fast-growing "Green" market.
I don't know if that'll happen or not. But I do know this.

The company's stock is about to go ballistic.

I'm predicting that it'll increase in value by 1,463% over the next 3 years. To achieve that gain, all the stock has to do is rally to $5.47.

You see, this stock is tiny, trading for $0.30 a share. And it's completely under Wall Street's radar.

But that's changing. And changing fast.

Wall Street is tripping over itself trying to find new and promising alternative energy stocks to invest in.

And the reason is simple: Profits!

Solar Energy Stocks are Producing HUGE Gains!

Company 1/5/04
Price 11/29/05
Price % Gain
Evergreen Solar $1.80 $12.00 567%
DayStar Tech. $2.40 $10.50 338%
Spire Corp $4.65 $7.50 61%
ECD (ENER) $9.35 $30.00 220%
Solar-Fabrik $3.30 $12.00 264%

Not only are alternative energy stocks red-hot right now, posting an average annual gain of more than 40% since 2003.but these companies represent the next generation of energy.

It's the future. Plain and simple.

To give you an example, Sun Power went IPO three weeks ago.

By all comparisons, Sun Power is your run-of-the-mill solar energy company, selling pretty standard solar panels.

But you wouldn't know it by the hype surrounding its public offering.

Analysts originally predicted that Sun Power's stock would open somewhere between $12 and $14 a share. But on the morning of November 17, shares of Sun Power opened at $25 a share. and never looked back, closing the day above $27 a share.

Sun Power now commands a market cap of $1.6 BILLION! And that's on sales of $54 million.

Share the Wealth
With the solar energy industry booming, there's been a trickle-down effect too. Any company directly or indirectly connected to solar is benefitting.

Take MEMC Electronic Materials, for example - a global supplier of silicon wafer technology for the solar industry.

Its stock has soared in value. going from $1.75 in 2001 to a high today of $23. That's a gain of 1,214%.

With gains like that, investors are making a fortune investing in alternative energy stocks.

That's why I'm so bullish on my tiny $0.30 solar window stock. It's next in line for blockbuster gains.

I'm predicting that every $10,000 invested will turn into $146,300 within 3 years. Sounds too good to be true, but one of my stocks has gone from 22 in 2001 to over $4 this year.

Likewise, I think this new solar window stock will hit $5.47. and then into double-digits.

In a minute, I'll tell you how to get a piece of the action. But first, let me tell you why.

You Must Erase "Alternative" from Alternative Energy
Let me dispel a myth. "Alternative" - as in alternative energy - is no longer "alternative" anymore. It's mainstream.

Solar Glass Fact #1:
The Sun produces an estimated 4 trillion trillion watts of electricity every single hour... enough power to meet our current energy needs for the next 500,000 years.
Check this out:

In the past 12 months, FedEx, Staples, the Timberland Co., and corporate behemoth Wal-Mart have begun installing solar panels at their stores and facilities.

Now listen, I don't want you to be disillusioned. These companies aren't installing solar panels because they've suddenly become concerned about global warming.

No, they've installed solar panels because it'll reduce their electric bills by as much as 60% each month.

That's what's driving the boom in solar energy.

But it's a boom that hasn't caught on with John Q. Investor just yet.

In fact, the ordinary investor doesn't have a clue about the potential in these stocks. Let me explain...

I recently attended The Solar Power Conference and Expo in Washington, D.C.

It's one of the largest, most influential future and clean energy conferences in America, where policymakers and leaders in the energy industries learn about the latest in solar technologies.

It was there that I had an epiphany.

You see, on October 6, while attending a press conference with Senator Lamar Alexander (chairman of the subcommittee on energy) and three of the most powerful CEOs in the solar industry, I made an important and profitable discovery - one that has already made some investors a lot of money! Solar Glass Fact #2:
"As prices for coal, natural gas and oil have soared, solar power has been getting perhaps its most serious look from investors since President Jimmy Carter pulled on a cardigan and asked Americans to damp their furnaces. The new interest means that the handful of domestic solar stocks has been surging, too."

- The New York Times, September 11th, 2005

On that Friday afternoon, in a makeshift pressroom in the basement of the Hyatt Regency hotel, only eight journalists were meticulously taking notes.

Eight journalists! That's it!!!

This was the same day that natural gas was trading for $15.21... a near record high.

That's when I realized the average investor is still clueless as to just how lucrative this market is.

But that's okay. Because while these guys sleep on what is already shaping up to be one of the most profitable markets of the 21st Century - a group of savvy investors are making a fortune in solar.

In fact, the solar manufacturer that I'm going to tell you about today has already delivered gains of more than 350% in the past six months. But I'm expecting even more gains in the next 6 months.

And it's all going to start the first day the mercury drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit - and stays there for more than a week.

I'll tell you why.

But first, let me show you why, of all the publicly-traded solar companies - this is the company that will soon dominate the solar energy market.

$40 to 50 billion in revenue by 2010

When most people think about solar, they envision photovoltaic devices (PV). This is what a typical photovoltaic installation looks like:

Now during the energy crisis of the 1970s, serious interest in solar technology took hold in the U.S. But due to prohibitive prices, large scale applications were nearly impossible.

However, in 2005, with oil trading at $60 a barrel, interest in solar has returned. Only this time, PV is cost-effective.

In 1976, the average selling price per watt was about $100. Today it's significantly less. Take a look:

With such a drastic reduction in price, coupled with the ever-increasing price of oil, it's no wonder that both residential and industrial consumers are starting to flock towards solar alternatives.

In fact, since 2001, the global photovoltaic market has averaged a 40% annual growth. And this year alone, PV production is expected to reach 1.5 gigawatts.

Representing approximately $11 billion in revenue.that's double its level in 2003.

By 2010, analysts estimate global PV manufacturing sufficient enough to meet 1/3 of new U.S. electric demand annually - representing $40 to 50 billion in revenue!

There's no doubt PV business is booming.

Mother Nature is bullish on solar!
Something very important is going to happen this winter that's going to push the renewable energies markets to new heights - especially solar!

This winter, Americans will pay nearly twice as much as they paid last year on heating bills.

And mark my words, when the first real nasty cold snap forces consumers (especially business owners) to force their thermostats past 70 - the market is going to warm up to!

Here's why... Evergreen = Ever Profits
Evergreen Solar is one of the more successful solar energy companies in the market today.

I recommended the stock several weeks ago to my Green Chip members. We're already up 47%.

But here's why Evergreen has been so successful! Look at the revenue growth the company has experienced:

Since the beginning of the year, the solar industry (and more importantly, our solar window manufacturer) has hit new highs every time Mother Nature reminded us who's boss.

This past summer for example, Arizona had record peak usage and almost maxed out capacity when the state endured record-breaking temperatures of as much as 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is also when this particular company's stock price rose 113%.

And only a few days after hurricane Katrina ripped New Orleans to shreds (and devoured its electrical grid), our solar window stock price shot up another 94%.

Of course, these are two examples where Mother Nature's impact on energy supplies was relatively short-lived.

But later this month will mark the beginning of at least 3 to 4 months of blistering cold weather - and overwhelming heating bills.

It will be a cold and hard wake-up call for most of the country when they finally realize that natural gas and fossil fuels are no longer cheap and abundant. And the reality of renewable energy is going to take hold stronger than ever before.

And that's the one you can read all about in my special report, Endless Energy

In this report I outline why the solar industry is poised for a breakthrough year - and more importantly, the $0.30 solar glass copmany that stands to profit more than any other solar manufacturer on the planet.

Even against industry giants like Sharp, Kyocera and BP Solar!

But you have to act fast.

We are literally only weeks away from the launch of the most impressive renewable energy bull market that the industry has ever seen. On July 29th, 2005, Congress passed historic energy legislation that allowed for a 30% solar energy investment tax credit (ITC) for two years, starting in 2006. The Green Chip Stocks renewable energy portfolio is unstoppable. Just look at these gains:

Stock #1 36%
Stock #2 22%
Stock #3 188%
Stock #4 6%
Stock #5 15%
Stock #6 131%
Stock #7 -27%
Stock #8 45%
Stock #9 -40%
Stock #10 -15%
Stock #11 35%
Stock #12 15%
Stock #13 48%
Stock #14 -4%

However, during the next congressional session, Senator Lamar Alexander is planning to introduce legislation to extend this tax credit to six years. And since those on Capital Hill aren't going to want to vote against a tax credit this close to congressional elections, the outlook for an increased ITC commitment is hopeful.

And that's why I want you to buy this $0.30 solar energy window stock right now, before it goes up any further.

A Solar Window in Every Home
Now I want you to listen to me very closely, because this is where this company is going to make the bulk of its money.

By 2010, another 38 million buildings are projected to be constructed.

Of that 38 million, at least 40% are expected to integrate some type of renewable energy in construction and design, according to industry experts.

Building Green = Solar Opportunities

A significant component of the green building industry is photovoltaics.

More specifically - Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).

BIPV integrates the process for energy generation technology into building design and materials.

With BIPV, solar power elements actually become part of the building.

Industry experts agree that the use of BIPV technologies could provide the greatest opportunity for rapid and wide scale adoption of solar technologies. Which will essentially help lead to overall growth in the PV market.

One of the major players in the BIPV game right now is Sharp Corporation.

Sharp is the biggest manufacturer in the world of integrated solar roofing panels.

Both aesthetically pleasing and completely functional, here's an example of what a typical integrated solar roofing panel looks like:

As you can see, the solar panels actually become a part of the construction, as opposed to something added on later.

But BIPV isn't just limited to roof tiles.

In fact, probably the one segment with more potential than anything else in the BIPV market is glass. Solar Glass to be exact.

Window to the future

Since the inception of the modern photovoltaics industry, the primary industry goals have focused on improving the efficiency of solar cells while placing much less effort into the design of new form factors and applications.

However, the company I'm going to tell you about in my report, Endless Energy, believes that the application of solar cell technology may, in many ways, provide more value and return than simply striving to improve efficiencies alone.

In other words, the greatest efficiency gains may lie in how and where we use solar technologies and how these applications promote wide scale use.

Management at this solar window company believe that the wide scale use of architectural glass as a power-generating platform will make solar energy economically feasible and provide an opportunity for the solar energy market to explode.

And it is this premise that provides the backbone of the company's Solar Glass technology.

The company focuses on the development of very thin, semi-transparent coatings and films that create large area monolithic solar cell structures that you can see through. This semi-transparency makes Solar Glass glazing desirable for placing over glass, plastics, and other see-through

(The company is currently working to commercialize patented, large area cell manufacturing processes for thin film flexible plastics.) Solar Glass Fact #3:
"Few power-generation technologies have as little impact on the environment as photovoltaics. As it quietly generates electricity from light, PV produces no air pollution or hazardous waste. It doesn't require liquid or gaseous fuels to be transported or combusted. And because its energy source - sunlight - is free and abundant, PV systems can guarantee acess to electric power."

- U.S. Department of Energy

You see, Solar Glass represents a new breed of solar cell design that balances solar cell efficiencies and manufacturing costs with broad applications.

And though the Solar Glass solar cells do operate at only 50% the efficiency of conventional opaque amorphous solar cells - they cost as little as 25% to produce.

Today, the use of architectural glass and transparent plastics in the design and construction of commercial and industrial facilities is staggering in scope.

The world-wide markets for these glass and laminates reaches into the hundreds of billions. Energy producing Solar Glass glazing applied to the transparent surfaces of these commercial and industrial buildings provides the opportunity for substantial benefits as a competitive alternative to non-energy producing coatings and glazing. The electrical power generated can be used to run building systems and reduce dependency on grid-based power supplies.

Builders and manufacturers of building products already use glass, plastic and other materials. So they may be especially attracted to the economic benefits of using the same materials to produce energy while continuing to function as window, display or facade surfaces.

Moving along with the tremendous growth rate of the solar industry, this tiny company has kept pace.

Take a look:

And with the increasing love affair solar is having with new, cost-efficient PV technologies, coupled with the outlook for green building growth, this stock is in a perfect position to take the lead in low-cost BIPV.

That's why I want to offer you my latest report, Endless Energy, completely FREE of charge when you become a member to my cutting edge investment service, Green Chip Stocks.

Let me explain...

Welcome to Green Chip Stocks
Green Chip Stocks represent the most important stocks traded today, for one simple reason - these are the stocks that will be the catalyst for the first real profit trend of the 21st century.

A profit trend that is already worth more than $30 billion in its infancy!!!

Grabbing your share now is like getting a piece of the automobile market back in 1908. And I don't mean just Ford either. I'm talking about the market as a whole. Oil, rubber tires, road construction, etc.

And here's why.

Turning the Green Movement into Mountains of Greenbacks
Let me introduce myself. My name is Jeff Siegel.

I worked for Agora Publishing between 1994 to 2001, studying the financial markets from some of the top investment minds in the world.

For the past 4 years, I've been traveling the world investigating the state and the future of energy.

My travels took me to Rome to London to New York... and everywhere in between.

Now, I was taught at Agora that the time to invest in a stock or industry, is when nobody is talking about it. You sell it when everybody is talking about it.

And that's why I'm writing to you today.

I have a report I want to give you for joining my investment service, Green Chip Stocks.

The report is Endless Energy: And the $0.30 Stock That'll Bring it to Every Home.

This report features my favorite energy stock, the company that created the solar window and won the 2005 World Technology Award.

Trading for $0.30 a share, I think this stock is a blockbuster. and could return over 1000% in the coming years.

Simply fill out your membership form, and I'll immediately send you a username and password that'll give you access to the report.

Plus, when you join Green Chip Stocks, you'll be entitled to receive my members-only weekly letter, which updates you on current positions and alerts you to new stocks I'm recommending.

So, you get the report Endless Energy, plus 52 issues of Green Chip Stocks.

Not a bad deal... for just $199 a year. That's right, you get a full year of Green Chip Stocks for only $199.

Think about that, each issue of Green Chip Stocks costs you just $3.83. For that, you get my exclusive analysis of the more than $30 billion a year "alternative" energy market. But remember, it's no longer alternative. It's mainstream.

Don't wait.

Three weeks ago, Sun Power went public. and that has brought a lot of investor attention to this emerging and booming industry.

Get it now while it's still trading below a buck.


Jeff Siegel

P.S. - Become a member today, and I'll also throw in my special report, "Renewable Profits Left Unattended." This report highlights 5 of the most profitable and undervalued renewable energy stocks in the market today. From industrial solar applications to next-generation hybrid technology to a global geothermal company that's just landed one of the most lucrative renewable energy contracts in India - these are the companies Wall Street will be pumping up tomorrow. But you can read about them right now!



To be removed from the Wealth Daily Profit letter, go here.

Wealth Daily Profit Letter, Copyright (C) 2005, Angel Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved. No statement or _expression of opinion, or any other matter herein, directly or indirectly, is an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities mentioned. While we believe the sources of information to be reliable, we in no way represent or guarantee the accuracy nor the statements made herein. Neither the publisher nor the Editor are registered investments advisors. Subscribers should not view this publication as offering personalized legal or investment advice. Unauthorized reproduction of this newsletter, or its contents, by Xerography, facsimile, or any other means is illegal and punishable by law. Please note: It's not our intention to send email to anyone who doesn't want it. If you would like to remove yourself from this mailing list, please see the instructions at the bottom of this message. NOTE TO OUR READERS: Angel Publishing, LLC and Wealth Daily Profit Letter do not act as an investment advisor or advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment. Investments recommended in this publication should be made only after consulting with your investment advisor and only after reviewing the prospectus or financial statements of the company in question.

First I wrote a filter, that didn't produce the answer.

So on to GOOGLE... searched for "2005 World Technology Award"


XSUNX is the stock!!

XSUNX, Inc., a development stage company, engages in the development, commercialization, and licensing of processes for the manufacture of semitransparent photovoltaic technologies. Its technology, Power Glass, is a solar technology that enables glass windows to produce electricity from the sun. This process of producing electricity is known as Photovoltaics. The company, formerly known as Sun River Mining, Inc., was formed in 1997 and changed its name to XSUNX, Inc. in 2003. XSUNX is based in Aliso Viejo, California.

Remember, people like to brag and when they do, they leave clues!!


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12/5/2005 8:09:24 PM


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12/5/2005 8:12:13 PM

Friday close .28

Monday open .355, high .397, low .345, close .385.

Hope you got in.

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12/6/2005 7:59:50 AM

In today's email:

Monday, December 5, 2005

Dear reader:

This past Saturday, I sent you a free report from Jeff Siegel, editor of Green Chip Stocks. The report talked about a tiny 30 high-tech company from California that had just recently won the 2005 World Technology Award for energy. The company calls its technology "solar glass." Jeff calls it "endless energy."

Regardless of what you call it, it's a breakthrough of gigantic proportions.

Jeff said it was just a matter of time before everybody and their brother knew about the stock. Last week the magazine Business 2.0 ran an article on the company. Time is running out.

Hopefully you got into the stock early, as today the stock closed up 37% from its Friday's price.

The stock still trades below 40, making it extremely attractive at these levels.

I'm sending you the report again. Please take a few moments to review it.

Best regards,

Brian Hicks
Publisher, Green Chip Stocks

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12/6/2005 11:33:47 AM

Thanks for the heads up, bought this morning for .44 sold a little while ago for .57.

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12/6/2005 12:18:14 PM

Looks like it is coming crashing down again.

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12/6/2005 1:54:57 PM

Cool tip Rump.Is there a place where you post your own charts?If not Elite Trader lets images post in their forums.This sounds like a buy and hold though!

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12/6/2005 6:26:26 PM

I am glad someone made use of my "detective work".

XSUNX INC (OTC BB:XSNX.OB) Delayed quote data

Last Trade: 0.58
Trade Time: 3:59PM ET
Change: 0.20 (50.65%)
Prev Close: 0.39
Open: 0.42
Bid: 0.58 x 2500
Ask: 0.59 x 2500
1y Target Est: N/A

Day's Range: 0.41 - 0.67
52wk Range: 0.01 - 0.51
Volume: 13,343,740
Avg Vol (3m): 764,248
Market Cap: 71.84M
P/E (ttm): N/A
EPS (ttm): -0.02
Div & Yield: N/A (N/A)

Looks like you could have doubled your money!

Hope you remember me at

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12/7/2005 3:01:39 AM

thanks for digging this one out, good work (to say the least).
"Scanning newsletters" could be another "trading strategy" and a good one at that.

Thanks again.

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12/7/2005 1:23:49 PM

I just think it is funny that they try so hard to sell you something that they "give it away"!!

"Success leaves clues"

When someone talks too much, they give things away.

All you have to do is keep your eyes/ears open.

You have to admit, listing facts about a company is a "dead giveaway" in the 21st century... Search engines are great at

And they post a chart, too? You just write a filter looking for the highs/lows in the right place... not to mention they tell you the industry.

I wonder how many people paid for the free info?

What's really funny... One could have made enough off of XSNX to pay for the newsletter...LOL!!!

Now we have a stock that could make us rich over the new few years.... Could be the next TASR or GOOG!!

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