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8/12/2006 9:29:24 AM

This "razor thin" device is changing
the way the world does business…
Here's how you can quickly turn
$6,000 into $223,680 as it charges by.


Dear Investor,

I'll get right to the point.

In a matter of months a handful of stocks will begin trading at 10, 20 even 37 times their current value.

The news will come as a shock to most... though some of Wall Street's brightest have been loading up on these shares for 12 months or more.

You see, right now there's a transformation taking place that's revolutionizing the way we do business.

A simple but highly effective technology has been filtering its way into every facet of the supply chain… down to the very bottom.

It's Wal-Mart's favorite new toy – allowing them to replenish inventory 3 times faster than before (meaning they can sell 3 times as much product.)...Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, Kraft Foods, Gillette,Boeing, Coors - to name a few - have also recently jumped on the bandwagon.

And no wonder.

It's estimated that U.S. retail giants alone lose more than $70billion a year in potential revenue because they can't keep track of their inventory!

That's why...

The Wall Street Journal says "Radio ID tags may soon be placed in every product imaginable"
Time magazine says this device is: "fueling a quiet business revolution that promises to speed up inventory and payment systems – and change our lives"
Barron's wrote several above the fold pieces on it. Most recently saying "RFID could drive gains in productivity by cutting labor costs, shrinking inventories and reducing out-of-stock items"
But while the technology itself has begun to garner attention from some in the financial media – it's yet to make its way into the "mainstream"press.

CNN hasn't uttered a word... NBC is in the dark... even FOX has turned a blind eye.

That's because for a long time it was just pie in the sky... something promising but still too speculative for most serious investors to take a strong position.

But that's all changed.

Stand back as $500 turns into $18,640…
$6,000 morphs into $223,680…
and $15,000 explodes into a whopping $559,200!
Hi, my name is Tim Fields. I'm an investment analyst at Trinity Investment Research. I spend most of my time trying to uncover "special situations" for our flagship newsletter Powerhouse Profits.

What has me excited today is this: right now, there are a handful of companies operating in a "silent" bull market that has been kicking off impressive returns.

But as their sales, earnings, clients, and margins have doubled or more over the last two years, only a handful of investors (a handful of now RICH investors) in the know have been following the trend.

It's called RFID and its making some people very rich

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. Originally developed by the British during World War II to distinguish enemy from friendly aircraft, RFID is hardly a "new" technology.

But it had to travel a long arduous road to become economical and practical.

It wasn't until the early 90s that IBM engineers were able to develop and patent a real world application for RFID called the UHF(ultra-high-frequency) RFID.

IBM did most of its early work with Wal-Mart (which is what convinced Wal-Mart RFID is a necessity - not a luxury) but never commercialized the technology... it was still too expensive.

But in the mid-1990s IBM fell into serious financial turmoil and was forced to sell its patents to Intermec, a bar code systems provider. Unfortunately, Intermec had no idea what to do with it. So once again RFID took a back seat.

But it got the boost it needed in 1999, when Procter & Gamble and Gillette put up funding to establish the Auto-ID Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

You probably know RFID better than you think
In just 7 years RFID has quietly made its way into our daily lives.If you shop at Wal-Mart you handle it countless times before you get to the cash register.

Maybe you take the turnpike to work in the morning where the RFID tag on your dashboard allows you to pass effortlessly through the pay toll while countless others wait to break change.

You might also use it on your Mobil speed pass... your Master Card,Visa, or American Express.

You may have even had one implanted on your puppy or kitten to prevent them from being lost or stolen.

Here's how it works: A tiny radio tag transmits a signal when called upon from a remote location. From anywhere in the world you can electronically activate the transmitter on an RFID tag.

Immediately you'll know the precise location of your product and its serial number.

Why RFID? Because it's faster, more accurate, more useful, and now more economical than clumsy bar codes or SKU numbers.

It saves Billions of dollars a year in locating lost or misdirected merchandise, meaning more products make it to the floor to meet customer demands.

That's why it's spreading like wildfire across the business world.

"Soon the family refrigerator may read the RFID tags of its content,then alert you to fetch another carton of milk,toss an out-of-date product or cut back on cholesterol consumption."
-Time Magazine
And now some important people are taking notice.

Bill Gates sees it clearly… this IS the future of business
On April 5, 2005 Bill Gates made his way down the Pacific Coastal Highway to a little-known industry conference in Pasadena, California.He brought with him some of Microsoft's most senior executives to distribute 10,000 RFID name tags.

The conference, and this seemingly meaningless gesture, went without much fanfare.

But it was in fact very significant.

Because at that conference Microsoft, for the first time, revealed it's developing way to allow Windows to read and interpret data from RFID sensors currently in use.

What this really means is that RFID will no longer be reserved for Fortune 500 companies.

This event marks the very beginning of RFID on the consumer level. And it's going to spread FAST!

Within the next few months your local florist will be able to track her orchids from harvest to sale...(She'll find new back end profits when her orchids alert her to customers needs. Not enough sunlight or water and she'll know because the RFID tag attached to the plant will send her diagnostic reports on demand).

...your corner pizzeria will log on to find out exactly when their next shipment of cheese will arrive.

And it will be just as easy as checking email.

Why you should care
Microsoft is installing a new feature on Windows... so what?

Well, here's what.

You see, Microsoft isn't calling on their tech geeks in Seattle to bring RFID to the masses.

Instead they've struck a strategic partnership with a small innovative RFID company to establish their market dominance.

A recent study by AMR Research concluded:
"RFID tracking could trim warehouse labor by 20%,slash inventory by25% and boost sales by 3% to 4%, compared with current methods of keeping count."
Now let me ask you...

What do you think will happen to this little company – one of Microsoft's most important new business partners – when Microsoft announces that RFID is now a standard operating feature on all their Windows software?

What do you think that would mean to the average retail shareholder of this company?You guessed it.

Not only will this little company get a huge boost in share price– but the industry as a whole will make instant headline news.

Which will quickly benefit a small group of other RFID companies.

That's why it's so critical you get your hands on my latest research report now.

When Microsoft reveals its new operating system
this company's shares could skyrocket out of control
To be sure a few RFID companies will benefit from Microsoft bringing RFID to the everyday consumer. There's no question.

But it's their RFID partner in particular that will DOMINATE the market and make millionaires out of its early investors.

(Consider this. This little RFID company has a market cap of less than 1/300th the size of Microsoft's. So while Microsoft's shares may increase a few dollars on the news - this company will start trading off the charts!)

21st Century Captains of Industry
Very rarely does a technology come along that completely changes the way we do business.

John D. Rockefeller did it with oil... Henry Ford did it with the assembly line... Bill Gates did it with software.

Each created a new protocol for conducting business.

And each time these economic transformations took place scores of investors became incredibly wealthy... some for generations.

So when I found out Microsoft was getting involved in RFID I knew I had to act fast.

If ever there was a company with the sole ability to make a technology mainstream it's Microsoft.

Because when Bill Gates decides to put the full weight of his company behind anything it's only a matter of time before we're all using it for a myriad of reasons.

So the wheels started turning.

If I could find the outside company or companies involved in bringing RFID to Windows I'd find a Grand-Slam investment.

Well, that's exactly what happened. And now you can see for yourself in my new research report:

"How Microsoft is bringing RFID to the world…
and the one little company their relying on to do it"
In this report I'll outline in full detail:

The small company with the ability to multiply $15,000 into $559,200 when Microsoft comes out with its latest version of Windows
A full list of RFID players. Which ones will "pop" from the Microsoft news and which will fizzle (are you holding any of these losers?)
The incredible list of uses for RFID (you might be surprised where it's turning up next!)
Exactly how RFID works and why it's saving businesses across the globe $Billions.
The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Time, Wired…
They're all talking… but lucky for us not many are listening.
The crowd never does. Most people will sit on the sidelines for another year or so – then as it becomes obvious to the general public they'll jump on board and hope to grab a piece of the action for themselves.

And I'm sure some of them will make some money.

But unless you're willing to step in as the big shots fire the engines (Bill Gates, Wal-Mart, WSJ, Time – big enough??) you're going to miss out on the REAL money in RFID.


Here's what you must do Today to Profit 3,728% on the news
Call, mail, or fax in your order to Powerhouse Profits today. For the fastest service subscribe now by clicking here.

You'll get instant online access (however you choose to subscribe) to my new blockbuster research report "How Microsoft is bringing RFID to the world... and the one little company their relying on to do it."

I'll also rush you a hard copy of the report via mail so you'll have it for your investment files. The report will tell you everything you need to know to get going right away.

"Look out bar codes,here comes RFID. Retailers, their supplier sand zealous techies are abuzz with the idea of slapping small devices known as radio frequency ID tags on products to track them from the assembly line to your shopping cart."
— Wall Street Journal
Your subscription to Powerhouse Profits comes with a 90 day 100%Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee.

That's our promise. So if, for whatever reason, you're not completely satisfied with our research and insights just let me know anytime in the first 3 months and you'll get a full refund of the purchase price. No questions asked.

Time is running out… you'll either be there
to profit from it or you won't.
The day Bill Gates announces his RFID software as a standard feature on Windows will be two days too late to profit from the RFID boom that will most certainly follow.

We know this will happen sometime before January of next year. But it could be tomorrow – it could be on January 1st. The point is since we don't know the precise date it's important to get in right now.

For just $99 and a full money back guarantee you're crazy if you don't.

Yours truly,

Tim Fields
Powerhouse Profits
Trinity Investment Research

P.S. I mentioned earlier that your subscription to Powerhouse is backed with a 100% 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. But I'm so confident the RFID craze will send shares in this little company soaring that if you don't make at least 100% on it I'll refund the full purchase price of your subscription up to one full year!

P.S. S. Consider this: A one year subscription to Powerhouse works out to a paltry $0.27 a day! So for less than the price cup of coffee you could have your hands on the kind of information Wall Street fat cats routinely pay thousands for! What could be more fair than that?

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8/12/2006 9:36:34 AM

Independent software vendors (ISVs) and technology companies announcing their support for the Microsoft platform and highlighting the solutions they are delivering today include the following:

• Accenture. Accenture is working with Microsoft and Manhattan Associates to develop a new solution that will help manufacturers comply quickly with retailers' RFID mandates. The companies will provide a full range of Electronic Product Code (EPC)-compliant, scalable RFID solution design, development and integration services that will help manufacturers realize rapid benefits, including enhanced supply chain efficiencies and improved warehouse management.

• GlobeRanger. GlobeRanger provides an innovative Edgeware (TM) platform, iMotion (TM) , that is designed to intelligently connect core enterprise systems with relevant, real-time RFID information. Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, iMotion delivers the ability to manage edge devices, networks, data and business processes seamlessly.

• HighJump Software, a 3M Company. HighJump provides a broad collection of highly configurable, RFID-enabled solutions built on the Microsoft platform that empower customers to meet a full spectrum of RFID requirements and manage ever-evolving supply chain processes without disrupting current supply chain operations.

• Intermec Technologies Corp. Intermec draws on the utilities and resources available through the Microsoft Pocket PC platform for the company's 700 Color Series of rugged, mobile devices with attachable IP3 RFID handle. The IP3 adds fully functional RFID reader capabilities to the 700. Both devices are integrated into Intermec's RFID "Ready to Go" kit, which includes RFID hardware, software and professional services -- allowing customers to begin implementing RFID into their own systems.

• Manhattan Associates Inc. Manhattan Associates is leveraging the Microsoft platform as a powerful and flexible platform for its cutting-edge RFID solutions. The company's RFID in a Box (TM) solution offers a package of source-to-consumption supply chain execution applications, professional services and RFID technology to simplify implementation and enable companies to meet compliance requirements while leveraging the most comprehensive integrated logistics platform and solutions.

• METRO Group. Germany-based retailer METRO Group will begin to roll out RFID across four of its six divisions in November 2004. METRO has been successfully piloting RFID in its Future Store in Rheinberg, Germany, and in other locations, and is now ready to take the challenge to move from pilot to production.

• Provia Software Inc. Provia Software uses the Microsoft platform to enable customers to implement supply chain execution and optimization solutions including RFID-enabled warehousing, transportation, order and yard management. These solutions seamlessly integrate with Web-based visibility tools to create a real-time, end-to-end supply chain execution solution.

Innovative RFID Solutions on the Microsoft Platform

"The potential of RFID combined with retailer mandates make it a question of when -- not if -- manufacturers will implement the technology into their organizations. The next 18 months will be the critical period of adoption, and industry leaders are looking beyond compliance to use RFID as a source of competitive advantage."

-- Lyle Ginsburg, Partner, Technology Innovation Products Operating Group, Accenture

"GlobeRanger delivers the ability to easily develop, deploy and integrate RFID and mobile solutions for the edge of the enterprise. Powered by the Microsoft .NET Framework, GlobeRanger's iMotion platform provides the foundation that enterprise users are looking for to scale standards-compliant RFID solutions from pilot to full implementation."

-- John Koenigs, President and CEO, GlobeRanger Corp.

"HighJump provides a broad collection of highly configurable, RFID-enabled solutions that empower customers to meet a full spectrum of RFID requirements and manage ever-evolving supply chain processes without jeopardizing their operational efficiency, profitability or ability to meet customer expectations. HighJump fully leverages Microsoft technologies throughout its RFID solution to facilitate integration and ensure flexibility and scalability in complex, high-volume manufacturing and distribution environments."

-- Chris Heim, President, HighJump Software, a 3M Company

"Intermec has added instant RFID capability to its 700 Color Series of rugged, mobile devices by offering the Intermec IP3 handle reader as an attachment. With the powerful backbone of Microsoft's Pocket PC and immediate RFID reader capacity, customers now are able to easily integrate RFID into their enterprise systems."

-- Mike Colwell, Vice President, Intermec

"As a charter member of EPCglobal, Manhattan Associates has continued to stay at the forefront of providing innovative business and compliance solutions that solve supply chain execution challenges for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and their trading partners. Manhattan Associates' RFID in a Box (TM) solution and our RFID-enabled applications, combined with Microsoft's powerful and flexible platform, provide our customers with both stability and ease of deployment. Our joint solutions are enabling companies worldwide to meet RFID compliance requirements and handle large transactional volumes."

-- Eric Peters, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Manhattan Associates

"RFID compliance requirements are quickly evolving. For Provia's RFIDware product, Microsoft's .NET Platform was the logical choice. It allowed us to develop a robust solution quickly while providing the flexibly and ease of use necessary to keep up with these evolving requirements. All our supply chain execution and optimization solutions deploy rapidly and effectively on the Microsoft platform today, and we are excited to strengthen our Microsoft .NET support with the release of RFIDware."

-- Todd Gage, Vice President, Product Development, Provia Software

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8/12/2006 10:05:12 AM

"Microsoft Business Solutions says it joined with a number of partner companies in the pilot, including SAMsys, which designed and implemented the RFID network; Philips Semiconductors, which developed the chips; Aston Business Solutions integrated the RFID network with the Axapta application; and Avery Dennison, the maker of self-adhesive labels, which produced the completed RFID tags."


TORONTO, ON - April 13, 2006 Sirit Inc. (“Sirit”) (TSX: SI), a leading provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology today confirms the completion of its acquisition of the assets and undertaking of SAMSys Technologies Inc. (“SAMSys”) out of the court appointed receivership proceedings. Sirit paid $4.0 million, exclusive of deal costs, for the assets of SAMSys which included cash resources of $2.5 million.


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8/12/2006 10:06:58 AM

Sirit is on the Toronto Exchange.

Back in Jan 2005 was over $1.50.

Now at $.235

I don't know if this is the company they are talking about or not.


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8/12/2006 12:15:35 PM

More on Sirit and Microsoft at

Sirit Partners with Microsoft on RFID
By Editorial Staff

BizTalk RFID and Sirit's reader technology expected to enable broad range of RFID, NFC apps and solutions

Toronto — June 14, 2006 — Sirit Inc., a provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) technology, announced a strategic relationship with Microsoft through which Microsoft BizTalk RFID will offer automatic support for Sirit's readers, enabling "out of the box" integration and operation across multiple RFID and NFC applications.

------- find more on website noted above

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8/12/2006 3:46:12 PM

Thanks for pitching in!

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8/13/2006 12:20:11 AM

Glad to help. Thanks for all that you do for all of us.

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9/4/2006 11:03:40 AM

Thought you might want to check out some of the RFID companies.

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9/5/2006 3:41:23 PM

I didn't know this about ALAN...

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