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11/21/2005 9:13:46 AM

Did any of you receive the email below?

If you did then you saw the chart.

high 3 month high is between 16 and 18
low 7 month low is between 6 and 8

add column high 3 month high
add column low 7 month low
add column industry
add column sector

Pretty easy to find the stock they are talking about... the chart shows the low and the high. They tell you the industry/sector. So the simple filter provided 2 candidates in the industry/sector.

The answer is SYNM!

Here's the email:


Testimony from last Wednesday's energy hearing in Congress.

Who said this?

The CEO of an American energy company whose stock I recommended last December.

This is the same company that controls a technology to convert stranded gas into 250 billion barrels of crude oil. Forbes Magazine said the technology was "like finding another Saudi Arabia"

This technology represents a $15 TRILLION opportunity.

The stock is still cheap... trading for just $8 a share. Buy it now!

It's over. Done. Finis.

The Kuwaiti government just confirmed what I've been preaching for the past 8 years.

The World is Running Out of Oil

According to official reports from a Reuters news release on November 10:

"Kuwaiti oil production from the world's second-largest field [Burgan] is 'exhausted' and falling after almost six decades of pumping.

To boost oil supplies, 'Burgan by itself won't be enough because we've exhausted that, with its production capability now much lower than what it used to be,' al-Zanki said during an interview in his office in Ahmadi, 20 kilometers south of Kuwait City.

Persian Gulf oil producers, which supply about a fifth of world demand, are rushing to find new reserves to compensate for declining output from older reservoirs. Any delay in replacing supplies may push oil prices higher and slow economic growth, the International Energy Agency said in a report this week."

OPEC can search under every grain of desert sand looking for new oil. I don't care. OPEC and Middle East are yesterday's news.

Because the company I'm about to tell you about can produce enough oil to last America for 31 years straight!

So what's the new energy source?

Well, it's not really a new energy source at all. Instead, it's a technology that takes something known as stranded natural gas and converts it into crude oil.

How much oil could be produced from this process?

Consider this. Last year, Forbes Magazine said gas-to-liquid conversion could produce so much oil, it was "like finding another Saudi Arabia."

In fact, if all of the world's stranded natural gas were converted into crude oil, there would be an additional 250 billion barrels of oil in the marketplace.
At today's price of $60 per barrel, that's
$15 TRILLION worth of oil!

Now listen, the company behind this technology (GTL) has already been recommended in my energy investment advisory letter, The Pure Energy Report. I originally recommended the stock in December 2004 for $7 a share.

Today, the stock is trading for $8 a share... and got to a high of $15 a share in September.

I think it's headed to $25 in the near-term... and eventually over $50.

But here's where it really gets interesting. Like you read earlier in this letter, the company is also in the "coal-to-liquids" (CTL) industry as well. Similar to turning stranded natural gas into oil... the company can also turn coal into oil.

With 1 trillion tons of coal in the world, the potential amount of oil that could be produced is staggering.

And this isn't pie-in-the-sky dreams. It's already happening. My tiny $8 GTL and CTL company just inked a deal with an Australian energy company to build a coal-to-liquids plant in Queensland to produce 17,000 barrels a day.

With oil trading near $60 a share, the time to buy this stock is right now.

Please read my original report that outlines the investment thesis for this stock and its energy technology.
The Birth of a New Saudi Arabia

There's five reasons why this small, $8 company could soar to at least $25.00... maybe $50 within the next 4 years.

* First , there's 2,500 trillion feet of "stranded" natural gas in the world. If converted, this useless gas could make 250 billion barrels of oil. For decades, the world has been trying to figure out how to make this conversion possible. This new technology can make it happen right now.

* Second , with oil prices at $60 a barrel, a cost-effective way to turn natural gas into oil could be one of the greatest technological innovations of the 21st century. The fuel produced by this new technology is so cost effective, it'll sell at a 53% bargain to oil even it if drops to $20 a barrel.

* Third , eliminating our foreign oil dependency isn't just a top governmental priority, it's a matter of national security:

President George W. Bush says:
"Dependence can lead to price shocks and fuel shortages, and this dependence on foreign oil is a matter of national security. To put it bluntly, sometimes we rely upon energy sources from countries that don't particularly like us ."

Vice President Dick Cheney says:
"New technologies are proving that we can save energy without sacrificing our standard of living. And we're going to encourage it in every way possible."

* Forth , this synthetic oil has been called the "champagne of diesel fuel" because it's cleaner, safer, and more efficient than today's fuels. 1 barrel of this new technology's synthetic oil can replace 3 barrels from today's refineries.

* Fifth, oil wells in the world's top producing countries are quickly drying up - but demand continues to skyrocket. Over the last five years, the world burned 27 billion barrels of oil per year - while the oil industry has only discovered only 3 billion new barrels per year. Even worse, 56% of the top oil producing nations are "past their peak." 64% of the OPEC nations are "past their peak." This technology will make these drying oil wells a distant afterthought.

In short, the oil problem we're facing could soon be over. And it's all because of the technology developed by this tiny $8 stock.

Any one of these five reasons is enough to push shares past $25. even $50 in a matter of a few years.

Because of oil's dramatic price spike. and the continuing political unrest in the Middle East, the oil industry is turning to this company to provide more oil to the U.S.
Have I got your full attention?
Hit the Bricks Saudi Oil Sheiks:
You've Been Replaced!

After to two decades of testing and development, this company has finally discovered how to turn useless natural gas to fuel.

"A whole new industry is dawning," says Malcolm Brinded, Shell's managing director

How legit is this technology?

In the last 24 months, ExxonMobil, RoyalDutch/Shell, and Chevron/Texaco have ALL made proposals totaling $20 billion to use this technology.

* South African oil giant Sasol already invested $900 million in this technology because they believe it'll eventually produce 34,000 barrels of synthetic oil PER DAY.

* ExxonMobil has spent 20 years and $600 million on front-end investments in this technology.

Energy experts already project that oil produced by this new technology will " exceed the anticipated future crude output of Saudi Arabia."

Just imagine.

This one technology can ultimately make Saudi Arabia obsolete. A gutsy statement? You bet.

But it's going to happen - and here's the proof.

Companies searching for oil regularly burn off gas - which is why natural gas flares blaze across Africa, Russia and the Middle East.

Trouble is, this natural gas is worthless.until now.

The "game-changing" technology is called Gas-to-Liquids (or GTL for short), and it can convert this useless "stranded" natural gas to other fuels.

Gas-to-Liquids Technology in the News

The Houston Chronicle ran a feature story titled: "Natural gas burned as worthless getting new life. Technology transforming flames into fuels"

Press Release from "Department of Defense (DOD) Awards $4.5 Million to Further Develop Single Battlefield Fuel"

Congressman Sullivan , a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee said "The current appropriation allows for continued work on the Department of Defense program to provide ultra-clean transportation fuels for our fighting men and women as they carry on their efforts with the war on terrorism. In addition, our ongoing effort with (this company) assists in moving America towards reducing our nation's dependence on transportation fuels from foreign sources"

Government reports claim there's 5,500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the world. Nearly half is defined as "stranded."

With the help of this new Gas-to-Liquids technology, the 2,500 trillion cubic feet of stranded natural gas could be converted into 250 billion barrels of clean, cheap, and super-charged liquid fuel.

That's the size of Saudi Arabia's oil reserves!

That's why the company that owns this Gas-to-Liquids technology could be the single greatest investment you'll ever make.

When you break it down to its simplest element, this $8.00 stock can literally be more profitable than Exxon, more widespread than RoyalDutch/Shell, and more effective and useful than Halliburton.

That's why a move from $8 to $25.00 is my lowest-end price target. Realistically, a move past $50.00 a share is within reach. That's a 316% gain from current levels.

In fact, the bull-run in this tiny little stock has already begun. Take a look at the stock's chart:

From December 2004 to September

The stock has risen 300% in less than 2 years!

And that'll only get bigger as times goes on. Here's why.
America's Oil Vulnerability
Guarantees this Stock will Rise

Historic data show that more than half of the world's oil-producing nations are past their production peak. By definition, being "past their peak" means:

1/) Their maximum oil production occurred more than 5 years ago

- or -

2/) Their maximum production occurred more recently, and forecasts indicate they're past their peak.

Out of the 11 OPEC nations, 6 peaked in the 1970's and 1 peaked in the 1980's. That means 64% of the 11 OPEC nations are classified as past peak.
It gets worse.

All three of the top oil-producing nations of the world are past peak (the U.S. peaked in 1970, Matt Simmons argues Saudi Arabia peaked in the early 1980's, and Russia peaked in 1987)

Add it up, and a total 51 oil-producing countries have surpassed their peak levels of oil production.

That, in short, is devastating.

Three years ago, the American population thought a U.S. victory in Iraq would secure an endless flow of plentiful, cheap oil.

As it turns out, nothing can be further from the truth.

The shocking reality is that never before have we (as Americans) been more vulnerable - and utterly dependent on foreign oil than right now.

If we were cut off from oil, America would literally grind to a sudden and abrupt halt.

In fact, Iraqi oil exports are just now getting back to pre-war levels... and it's not enough to meet demand.

Considering China guzzles up a whopping 7 million barrels of oil per day, it's plain to see the urgent situation we find ourselves in today.

To a great extent, the future of America is out of our hands right now.

In terms of oil dependence, we're in the second-worst position in the world after Japan.

The United States National Energy Report Explains in Plain English Just How Critical Our Oil Situation Really Is...

"Estimates indicate that over the next 20 years, US oil consumption will increase by 33%, natural gas consumption will increase by well over 50% and demand for electricity will rise by 45%. If America 's energy production grows at the same rate as it did in the 1990s, we will face an ever-increasing gap"

"Renewable and alternative fuels offer hope for America 's energy future . We produce 39 percent less oil today than we did in 1970, leaving us ever more reliant on foreign suppliers. On our present course, America 20 years from now will import nearly two of every three barrels of oil - a condition of increased dependency on foreign powers that do not always have America 's interests at heart. Our increasing demand for natural gas - one of the cleanest forms of energy - far exceeds the current rate of production. We should reconsider any regulatory restrictions that do not take technological advances into account"
- National Energy Report

As scary as this sounds, throw into the equation the ongoing threat of oil terrorism, and our current oil situation is far past catastrophic levels.

Imagine what an oil shortage will it do to your investments.or to your small business.or to the job market...or even to the prices of everyday goods?

If global oil demand grows by 2.1%...and average annual decline rate is 10%, the world will need to add at least 15 million barrels of oil PER DAY in the next 11 years.

That means by 2015, we must produce more than two times OPEC's current production to meet worldwide demand.

This simply cannot, and will not happen. That's why this $8 company's technology is so critical.

They've discovered a way to turn useless natural gas reserves into 250 Billion Barrels of liquid fuel.
Fuel So Clean and Cheap, Even the California Energy Commission Loves It

When you consider the benefits of switching to this technology, it's a no-brainer. The liquid fuel produced by this company's technology:

* Can be sold in existing markets
* Works in today's vehicles
* Is compatible with existing infrastructure
* Lets out NO sulfur or aromatics
* Performs better than conventional fuels

In a just-released report titled "Reducing California's Petroleum Dependence," the California Energy Commission mandated an increased use of this company's fuel technology by 2020.

In North America alone, there are 252 trillion cubic feet of natural gas prime for conversion.

But that's just the beginning.

* South America has 250 Tcf's of natural gas
* Africa has 418 Tcf's of natural gas
* Asia and Australia have 445 Tcf's of natural gas
* The Middle East has 1,980 Tcf's of natural gas
* Europe has a whopping 2,156 Tcf's of natual gas

Add it up, and this one technology could soon account for 250 billion barrels of liquid super-fuel.
Why this Stock Could Rise 316% - RISK FREE

Just think of the effects this will have on a world-wide scale.

Energy experts are already calling this a "game changing" technology - simply because these fuels offer a 100% net benefit to society. You'll have.

* No more environmental pressure for cleaner fuels
* No more geologic risk to oil companies (huge stranded gas reserves means plenty of readily available supply)
* No more finding and development costs
* No more gas shortages
* No more oil price shocks
* And most importantly, no more depending on foreign fuels.

No wonder this company has already formed partners with Shell, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, and Marathon.

With this kind of exposure, this small company won't remain a secret for much longer. In fact, as you read this, the stock is already beginning to rise.

Since September of 2002 this stock has gone from $1.50 a share to $8 a share.

But the good news is, the party's just beginning. As word of this technology gets out, this company could easily go from $8 a share to $25.00 in the next few months.

In my 12-PLUS years as a newsletter editor, never have I come across a safer way to double. even triple your money quickly and safely than this one stock.
Double Your Money Just off the "Buzz"

Since this company's technology is already turning useless natural gas into fuel, this innovation could be one of the most heavily-documented news stories of the decade.

It's only a matter of time before the national media catches onto what's happening...and turns this unknown company into a household name.

When the public finally understands what you've just learned (that this company's technology can eliminate our dependence on foreign oil by turning useless natural gas into usable fuel), millions of individual investors - and their fund managers - will begin shoveling money into the stock.

When that happens, there's no telling how high the stock will go.

Before long, U.S. oil companies will begin focusing all their attention on this company.piling tens of thousands of dollars into their new Gas-to-Liquids technology. This will spark interest in the stock by investors all over the globe.

That's why I'm contacting you now.

Well before the media (and other oil experts) catch onto what's happening, you can make a windfall by investing in this stock today.

Hubbert's Revenge

How a Ridiculed Oil Report From 1956 Can Make You AT LEAST 400% in a Matter of Months

In 1956, Dr. Marion King Hubbert made a discovery that black-balled him from the oil profession. You see, he discovered that the makeup of oil fields change as you drain oil out of them.

After years of pumping, the pressure (that once spewed oil out of the ground) disappears. As this pressure disappears, the remaining the oil gets more and more expensive to draw out of the ground.

Using this law of diminishing returns, Dr. Marion King Hubbert learned was that there was a certain calculated point in the life of every oil well when the cost of getting the remaining oil shoots up in price. Hubbert termed this critical point the "peak." Once an oil well hits this "peak," Hubbert concluded, supply enters a permanent downward spiral.

In 1956, Hubbert presented his findings to a group of oil experts. He told them that by 1970 the United States - the world's largest oil power - would hit its own oil production "peak."

Keep in mind, America 's oil situation was far different in 1956 than it is today. At the time of his presentation, America was the top oil-producing nation in the world. So instead of taking Hubbert's findings seriously, he was ridiculed.

But then something started happening...

Oil wells across the Southwestern plain started drying up. The number of barrels coming out of Texas became less and less. Within just three years, gas and oil prices soared, and U.S. oil imports tripled.

Hubbert had been right. And today, after years of arrogance and skepticism, we're about to pay the price. But thanks to this one small company, we have a chance to re-define the way we depend on oil. Read on to find out how this life-changing technology can make you 400% to 1,200% over the next 12 months.

Not many investors know about this company - but when they do, I've been around long enough to tell you that the pure "buzz" could be enough to propel the shares 50% to 100% higher.

Since the rising price of oil has such a major effect on the world markets, Wall Street will most likely get ahead of itself and place a premium on these shares.

When Wall Street learns that this company could soon eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, it won't take long before the market cap grows from $432 million to $2 billion.

I can't remember when a small company stood to make you this much money with strictly limited risk. But that's the situation you have right now. Since this Gas-to-Liquids technology has already been proven, it's virtually a no-lose deal.

Today, I'd like to send you all my latest research on this company in a report I call " Make 400% Off the Next Saudi Arabia. "

But before sending you this free report, please allow me to introduce myself.
Meet the Other "Oracle From Ohama"

My name is Mike Schaefer, and I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska.

I'm sure you know this.but the greatest investor in the world, Warren Buffet, also grew up in Omaha, Nebraska.

As luck would have it, my family lived literally two doors down from the Buffett's. Since I hung out with Warren's son, I was always over at the Buffett household.

From the beginning, I found myself hooked on investing. While the other neighborhood kids spent time playing kick-ball and eating gummy-worms, I had my nose buried in the Wall Street Journal. I didn't know it at the time, but I learned the art of stock picking from the greatest investor the world has ever seen (Talk about the benefits of home schooling!) At the ripe age of 12, I got up the courage to buy by first stock.

But it wasn't until college that my life changed forever.

You see, like most college grads, I was struggling to choose a career path. Looking for advice, I gave my old neighbor, Mr. Buffet a call.

" The secret to success," Warren told me that day, "is to choose a segment of the financial markets. then study that segment until you know more about it than 90% of the other investors. Once you do, you can't help but be successful."

Acting upon that advice, I decided to study oil and energy inside and out. First, I enrolled in the prestigious Colorado School of Mines and learned everything I could about precious metals, energy, oil and natural gas. After graduation, I moved to Wyoming to be a part of the boom in coal bed methane exploration.

In the years that followed, I learned more about my field than anyone else. By the age of 39, I was successful enough to semi-retire, which allowed me to focus on me true love - writing an investment newsletter about undiscovered resource stocks.

For the past 10 years, I was the lead editor of one of the most widely-read newsletters in the country. But now that technology is re-defining the way we use oil and energy, I've launched an entirely new service based off my extensive knowledge on the subject.

You see, the terrorist attacks on 9/11 changed everything in America forever.

The U.S. imports 66% of our energy. That 66% comes from nations that, quite honestly, hate America.

That's why getting America independent from Mideast oil is a priority. It's a matter of life and death.

And President George Bush is already taking steps to get us off of Mideast oil.

First, we are now turning to Canada to supply us with the bulk of oil. In fact, between 2001 and 2002, Canada leaped over Saudi Arabia as the main source of our energy. I'll talk more about this in a minute.

Second, the President is turning to technology, namely Gas-to-Liquids, to lessen our dependence on Mideast oil.

This makes up the premise for my new investment advisory service, PURE ENERGY REPORT.

Today, the Gas-to-Liquids technology is one of my top picks.
Turn $10,000 into $30,000 to $40,000 with Virtually Zero Risk

Historically speaking, each new decade gives birth to revolutionary companies that single-handedly change our world.

* In the 50's and 60's, companies like CocaCola, Eastman Kodak, and General Motors were changing the way we live. Each stock gained an average of 1,600%. $10,000 would've grown into $160,000.

* In the 70's and 80's, companies like Johnson & Johnson, American Express, and Citigroup gained an average of 4,300%. $10,000 would've grown into $430,000.

* In the 1990s, the Dow rose from 2,919 to 11,500.a 293% gain in just 8 years. The NASDAQ, fueled by the evolution of modern technology, rose from 536 on December 17, 1991 to 4,069 on December 31, 1999.a 659% gain. Remarkably, companies like Microsoft, Amgen, Dell, and even eBay gained an average of 65,000%. $10,000 would've grown into $6,500,000.

As you can see, each generation is highlighted by a handful of "life-changing" stocks. And more importantly, each generation of profits are growing exponentially larger and larger. If you can identify the next round of world-changing companies early in their growth cycles, you can make millions - even if you're starting with very little.

Mark my words.

This company, which converts useless gas into super-fuel, will be the next "life-changing" winner on this list. Today, with your permission, I can send you the full details of this company free of charge.
How to Access your FREE Report Right Now

You'll get all the details of this company in my special report called "Make 400% Off the Next Saudi Arabia"

It's yours FREE, when you sign up to my service called PURE ENERGY REPORT.

If you're looking to buy into the companies that'll eliminate America's dependence on foreign fuels... this new service is for you.

You'll learn about these stocks before they become household names... before Wall Street analysts start buying. Once Wall Street gets in and drives the price through the roof, that's when you'll take your profits. And get ready to make money off the next new play.
Each Issue Reveals a "Pure Energy" Company Ready To Explode

Each week, I'll send you my online newsletter detailing the newest recommendation and energy market analysis. You'll learn about the new company, where to buy it, how much to pay, and how much you stand to make in the next 6-12 months.

You can hold these stocks for a year. Or five years... or even as long as 10 years. The point is, you'll be investing in that special breed of companies that'll launch the next longstanding era of American prosperity.

And...because we'll be getting in on great companies when they are still very small, you don't have to put in a lot of money to make amazing returns.

$5,000 invested in this gas-to-liquids company could realistically return $15,000 to $20,000 in 12 months. That's the payoff you're looking at.

So - what are the best opportunities right now? Here are two that could easily make you 10, 20, or even 100 times your money over the course of the next few years.
Oil Shock Opportunity:
Make 400%

When you subscribe to PURE ENERGY REPORT, you'll immediately receive your first report, titled:

"Make 400% Off the Next Saudi Arabia "

I'll reveal the $8 company that has a "virtual monopoly" in an emerging new Gas-to-Liquids technology that experts project could create 34,000 barrels of synthetic oil PER DAY.
You'll learn five (5) reasons why a 300% to 400% gain is my lowest-end price target.

First , for decades, the world has been trying to convert the 2,500 trillion cubic feet of useless natural gas reserves into fuel. This new technology just discovered how to make this conversion possible.

Second , with oil prices soaring, this new technology is so cost effective it'll sell at a 53% bargain even if oil drops to $20 a barrel.

Third , the Department of Defense (DOD) committed $4.5 million to this new technology.

Forth , this fuel is cleaner, safer, and more efficient than today's fuels. 1 barrel of this new technology's synthetic can replace 3 barrels coming from today's refineries.

Fifth, oil wells in the world's top producing countries are quickly drying up - but demand continues to skyrocket. 56% of the top oil producing nations (and 64% of OPEC nations) are past their peak.

This one $8 stock could single-handedly put an end to America's dependence on foreign oil.

Oil Dependence and National Security

In a special report titled "Oil Dependence and National Security," the following two points clearly illustrate the critical oil situation we're facing.

* "The United States has only 2% of total reserves"
* " America 's dependence on imported oil is a serious cause of economic vulnerability and a major constraint on our foreign defense policy. The political leaders in the Middle East know that our dependence on their oil gives them leverage over our policies"

Experts say this technology is so revolutionary - it'll make Saudi Arabia obsolete. That's why companies like Exxon, Chevron, and Royal Dutch Shell have already submitted bids worth tens of millions to use this technology.

Also, top Governmental officials fully support this technology.

* President George W. Bush says "America is already using more energy than our domestic resources can provide, and unless we act to increase our energy independence, our reliance on foreign sources of energy will only increase."

* Vice President Dick Cheney says "New technologies are proving that we can save energy without sacrificing our standard of living. And we're going to encourage it in every way possible."

In addition to top governmental officials, top trade reports are speaking out against our dependence on foreign fuel sources, which could only increase this company's exposure:

New Fuels & Vehicles Report says "Synthetic diesel could take on (the) major world petroleum markets"
- May 6 th 2004

Forbes says "Much of the world's natural gas is going to waste. Wouldn't it be terrific to turn it into liquid fuel? Success may finally be at hand"
- May 24th 2004

U.S. Congressman John Sullivan (R-OK 1 st district)says "The benefits of this kind of technology to our country are substantial. Our ongoing effort assists in moving America towards reducing our nation's dependence on transportation fuels from foreign sources"

Just the "buzz" created by this new technology could be enough to push these shares 50% to 100% higher in the next few months.perhaps weeks.

This gives you a huge advantage.

"Synthetic diesel could take on (the) major world petroleum markets"
-New Fuels & Vehicles Report,
May 6 th 2004

"Much of the world's natural gas is going to waste. Wouldn't it be terrific to turn it into liquid fuel? Success may finally be at hand"
- Forbes, May 24th 2004

"The benefits of this kind of technology to our country are substantial. Our ongoing effort assists in moving America towards reducing our nation's dependence on transportation fuels from foreign sources"
- U.S. Congressman John Sullivan
(R-OK 1 st district)

"Synthetic fuels offer substantial benefits to our military. Implementation of a single battlefield fuel could provide economic and logistical advantages to our military in times of conflict as well as in normal peacetime operations"
- Kenneth Agee, Chairman and Chief Financial Officer

" America is simply unprepared to meet energy demands expected to nearly double over he next 20 years. Oil consumption will increase 33%, natural gas consumption by more than 50%, and electricity demand by more than 45%. Meanwhile, the United States imports nearly 60% of its oil. This number is expected to increase by 75% by 2010"
-Cano Energy Pipeline, Winter 2004

So where does all of this lead? I think we're going to see an increased push for exploitation of unconventional sources of oil & gas.

Since my background puts me so far ahead of the curve on unconventional energy production (so much that I often find myself tutoring other "experts" in the field), I've handpicked the small group of stocks that'll make Saudi Arabia obsolete.

If you're the type of investor who could benefit from my information, then I'd like to invite you to become privy to the deep intellectual resources and moneymaking recommendations of my "Pure Energy" stocks.

Since 1994, 87 out of my 101 sold positions have made money. That's a decade-long winning percentage of 86%. Of those 87 winners, 46% of them have doubled in price. 24% have gained more than +200%. Two picks, in fact, gained an astounding +23,733% and +32,000%.

Remember, I didn't arrive at this winning percentage by cherry-picking a "hot streak" from the past. Even in the difficult market over the past 3 years, my portfolio returned +94.6% while the Dow and S&P 500 have lost 4% and 2%, respectively

No questions asked.
To Keep You Constantly Updated

Remember, each week I'll also send you a Pure Energy update, keeping you abreast of the booming energy sector.

This way, there's no guesswork on your part. I do all the work and report everything I uncover directly to you every week.

There's something else you should know about PURE ENERGY REPORT.

We will be limiting the number of people allowed into this service to 10,000. Don't get me wrong-I'm not trying to pressure you into a quick decision.

The reasoning is simple: The companies you'll learn about are small - and not many people know about them. I don't want as many as 100,000 investors bidding up the shares. I want you to get into each pick.and let the natural market forces drive the shares higher.

The only way I can do this is by limiting the number of people I allow into this new service. That way, the group is small and the profits are plentiful. How do you get started with this new research service?

Here's how it works.
Act Now, or Miss this Limited-Time Membership

When you sign up for PURE ENERGY REPORT, you will get the full details on the company that could make you at least 300% to 400% by eliminating America's dependence on foreign oil once and for all.

Plus, you'll also receive one year of profit producing research...which includes my weekly Pure Energy reports...all this for $495 a year or $795 for two years.

That's less than $1.35 a day to get in on today's life...changing energy stocks.

Remember, a $2,000 investment in Dell and Microsoft in 1990 would now be worth $1,250,000.

The companies I want to share with you today have this kind of potential pay off. Let me help you make those returns.

Sign up for PURE ENERGY REPORT right now while spots are still available.
To Make Your Decision Easy.

If you're not comfortable committing for one full year, you can sign up for our quarterly...bill plan for $123.75 .

That way, you can the service for 3-months to see if this type of investing works for you.

If you like the service, we'll bill your credit card $123.75 every 3 months until you tell us to stop. If you don't like the service, you can cancel at anytime.

Whatever you decide, just remember that I've got to limit the number of people I can take. So if you want to get in on the company whose new technology could eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, you'll need to secure your spot right now.

Like I said, I believe the spots will fill up quickly. I can't guarantee more spots will be available later down the line.

Nor can I guarantee the price will remain the same. So if you want the chance to profit from the $8 company whose technology is redefining the way we convert gas to liquid energy - promising a 300% to 400% possible gain, then I encourage you to consider this invitation carefully, but promptly.

You can sign up by clicking on the "Subscribe Now" button below.

Sincerely Yours,

Michael Schaefer


P.S. Don't wait. If this stock performs similar to the stocks I've recommended in the past, it should be a blockbuster. You see, I've been recommending stocks 1993. In the past 12 years, I have recommended and sold a total of 101 stocks. Of those 101, only 14 were sold at a lost. That means that 87 were sold for a profit, making my winning percentage a whopping 86%! Get your FREE report now.
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It's Great and very informative.

Thanks for the help.


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