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11/29/2006 12:57:01 PM

The Single-Best Stock to Buy Now
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Daer ADVFN User,

Iím writing to tell you about the next home-run stock Iím urging my readers to load up on now.

Make no mistake, this is an aggressive play meant to appeal to your greedy side. But itís also a play on a surefire, locked-in mega-trend Ė and that certainly lowers your risk significantly.

Best of all, Iím giving you the name of the stock Ė FREE Ė when you click on any of the links provided.


Itís a story of crisis. But itís also a story of huge profits for in-the-know investors that make the right move now.

You see, the worldís energy markets are literally at the tipping point. And when you put all the puzzle pieces together, the supply/demand squeeze is much worse than anyone is admitting.

Right now, the world uses 86 million barrels of oil each day. By 2030, projected consumption rises to 118 million. Net gain: 32 million barrels of oil each day.

Letís put that in perspective. Today, Saudi Arabia supplies 9.4 million barrels daily - thatís running full-tilt. So to meet demand by 2030, we need to find another 3.4 Saudi Arabias.

That means weíre in trouble. But thereís not much you can do about it. As a consumer, you probably donít even want to think about it. But as an investor, you MUST think about it - itís creating an opportunity much too good to pass up.

Hereís a short primer. (You can skip ahead to the next section if youíre already familiar with this energy source.)

Essentially, there are huge reserves of oil in Canada Ė Saudi Arabia-type huge Ė locked up in heavy sands. And extracting oil from oil sands is not a drilling business, itís a mining business Ė one, until fairly recently that was not terribly profitable.

But two things have changed. The technology has gotten better. Oil prices have moved higher. And today, anything north of 30 bucks a barrel makes oil-sands the real deal. And weíre way north of 30 bucks a barrelÖ

In fact, this is THE long-term oil play in the world. And over the next few years, this extraction technology will become the major source of oil for the United States.

Weíre going to make a bundle. Click here and get the name of my #1 oil-sands stock nowóFREE!

In December 2004, Canada leaped from #22 in the world to #2 in proven oil reserves.

Thatís when the U.S. government - admitting that the technology was proven and refined - finally acknowledged Canadaís vast oil sands reserves.

How big are these reserves? 175 billion barrels, worth $12.25 trillion! Itís another Saudi Arabia right in the middle of North America.

Hereís a critically important point: This isnít some off-in-the-distance pipe dream. Itís happening right now. In fact, a little more than a year ago - for the first time ever - Canadian oil production from oil-sands surpassed that from conventional wells.

If youíre a growth investor, youíve got to get some skin in this game.

Howís this for leverage?

The company Iím recommending to you bought an oil-sands property, holding roughly 3 billion barrels of oil, for just $125 million. And today, 2.4 billion barrels have proven to be recoverable so far. Multiply that by $70 per barrel, and this property holds $168 billion worth of oil.

Thatís why I recommended this stock as a no-brainer in May 2005, when it was trading for just $2.25 per share. Now itís right around $5, but trust meóyou havenít missed out. There are still plenty of profits to come! Click here now and get the name of the stock -- FREE.

Think about this: Every time the price of oil goes up 50 cents, this companyís oil holdings increase by $360 million.

But we donít even need oil to go any higher from here to reach my $120 valuation. Hereís why.

At current oil prices, we value the companyís assets at $51.12 billion, discounting recovery and operations costs. So when I run it through various formulas we use to reach a reasonable price for a company, it reaches $120 a share right now.

Of course, we wonít get there overnight. Itíll take time - maybe 3-5 years. But if the company keeps performing like it has - and the worldís oil situation continues to worsen - we could see that desired price much sooner than I expect. Click here now to get the name of this stockóabsolutely, 100% free!

Thatís how much oil this company will pump out - and itís going to cost you under $6 a share now. Click here to get the name of my oil-sands stock at no cost (no strings, no commitment!).

The property is still in development; itíll take a few more years before the oil starts to flow. But judging by our ChangeWave Investing subscribers' 120% profits thus far, if you wait until the rest of the world learns about thisÖyouíre going to miss out on a huge chunk of the profits.

Get the name of my ď#1 StockĒ online immediately -- FREE. Click here now.


Toby Smith,

ChangeWave Investing

P.S. Oil sands are THE long-term energy play in the world today.

Thatís why China is also buying up Canadian properties and has agreed to build a $2 billion pipeline, as well.

Thereís more oil in these Canadian oil sands than in Iraq, Iran and Libya combined. It makes Russia, Nigeria and Kuwait look like dwarves in the energy patch. And itís going to make you a not-so-small fortune. Click here now to get the name of the stock online immediately -- absolutely FREE!

Phillips Investment Resources, LLC
2420A Gehman Lane
Lancaster, PA 17602

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11/29/2006 8:43:57 PM

Could this one be IMO ...
....although this looks like a nice short.

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11/30/2006 8:01:48 PM

Do your own checking but I would guess the stock is BQI. JMHO.

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12/1/2006 12:10:15 AM

The company is UTS Energy ( ). It trades on the Toronto exchange, but you can also buy it on the OTS under: UEYCF (Listed as UEYCF.PK on Yahoo)

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