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11/16/2003 9:14:36 PM

I want to display stock fibonacci numbers.
Is it possible?

Like for example,
for XYZ which went up from 20 to 30,
I would like to show Fibonacci retracement values in my filter result window.

0.25 - 27.50
0.38 - 26.2
0.5 - 25
0.61 - 23.9

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11/18/2003 5:21:09 PM


If I understood your request, I think the filter below fits your needs. I'm not sure how you would use this, but anyway.... Since the only screening being done is price and volume, you get lots to look at.

Fetcher[set{hi,high 90 days high} and set{lo,low 90 days low} and set{range,hi - lo} and set{fib1,range * -.25} and set{fib2,range * -.382} and set{fib3,range * -.50} and set{fib4,range * -.618} and set{fib.25,hi + fib1} and set{fib.382,hi + fib2} and set{fib.5,hi + fib3} and set{fib.618,hi + fib4} and add column fib.25 and add column fib.382 and add column fib.5 and add column fib.618 and draw Fibonacci Up(90,10) and price is above 5 and average volume(30) is above 499999]

You may notice that some charts don't display the Fib lines. Since Fib Up(90,10) requires the 90 day low to occur before the 90 day high, Fib lines are omitted if this is not the case (eg, MSFT). At least I think that's why. Anyway, enjoy!


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