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10/3/2006 5:51:04 PM

7 out of 10 major sectors closed down today, while the Dow Industrials were making new record highs. Not a good sign for the bulls.

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10/4/2006 3:00:21 AM

A couple other curious things about Tuesday, 10-3:

NYSE Composite closed down with Advancing issues outnumbering Decliners 1705 to 1569.

NASDAQ Composite closed up -- though making a lower high and lower low -- with Declining issues outnumbering Advancers 1637 to 1393 while the Volume of Advancing shares traded was greater than the Volume of Declining shares by 1044.597 million to 930.347 million.

Go figure.


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10/4/2006 11:44:51 AM

since the last dow high the value of the american dollar has dropped about 30 percent. what new high?

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10/4/2006 12:29:14 PM

7 out of 10 major sectors closed down today, while the Dow Industrials were making new record highs. Not a good sign for the bulls.

Please explain this "sign" you are speaking of. All of MY indicators are telling me that this incredible upward trend will continue.

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10/4/2006 9:09:34 PM

I thought I was the only one who noticed the dollar drop recently.It's my opinion that if the American people really knew it's true value,there would be a revolution.And they say there's low inflation???????? WHERE???????btw:let's get some opinions,I say it's worth about 25 cents......

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10/6/2006 11:20:14 AM

There isn't a single federal ststistic that isn't politically massaged.

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10/6/2006 12:26:36 PM

Well let's make sure the Bushies & Co. remains outta office this coming mid-term election and for ever more. Amen.

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