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7/5/2007 1:41:15 AM

I'm not sure about the web site, but I do know that Yodlee is used by many of the major banks, including mine at Bank of America, and it allows me to access all my banking and financial data, securely, on a single website. If nothing else, Yodlee is a great resource.

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7/5/2007 5:31:41 AM

Astroanalyst: "Covestor wants YOU!

Note: I have absolutely no connection to Covestor in any way whatsoever other than thinking it is an interesting concept and something I would pass along to other potentially interested parties on this forum...


Then PerryB shows up. Way to go.

@luc1grunt: Can't say I blame you for what appears to be thinly veiled skepticism with your last post. I probably would be, too...

I tried to avoid something like this by adding the "disclaimer" at the end of my post, but I guess something like this was inevitable. FWIW, once again, I am not affiliated in any way whatsoever with Covestor, "PerryB", yadda, yadda, yadda...

Bottom line...I do think Covestor, or something like it, seems to be a great venue for any of the contributors to this forum whom repeatedly claim to have achieved phenomenal success. Posting results is great, but verifiable results are better :)


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7/5/2007 7:44:43 AM

No "skepticism" of the system here....just amused at the quick response and the thread title.

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7/6/2007 10:19:42 AM

I don't know if I have what it takes or not but a little while ago BIDU caught my eye so I put it in my MED-VED watch list at 146.71 and now it's + 30% or more.I'm not lying,really,I'm not,I'm not.

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