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1/5/2011 10:50:04 PM

Is there a way to draw a verticle line on a plot? Something like

Draw Verticle Line at 20 days


Draw Verticle Line at userVariable days

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1/7/2011 2:26:56 PM

Not really. However, if you use the offset or "days ago" function, the period of time since that date is colored differently on the SF chart, effectively giving you a vertical line at the color boundary.

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1/8/2011 12:51:14 PM

Yes, you are right, I can use OFFSET or DAYS AGO and it will display a banded color. However, that doesn't work when there is a variable time frame.

For example, if I create a filter looking for a MACD crossover and would like a date line drawn whereever that crossover occurs. I can't use the generic OFFSET because it isn't something applied to the entire script. And I can't set it to a variable and then use it with DAYS AGO becasue the DAYS AGO function doesn't accept a variable as a parameter.

It would be great if SF would add a VERTICLE LINE capability, and also the ability to use variables for parameter input.

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5/31/2014 11:47:23 PM

POP... Okay now we can add notes and screw with everyone else's opinion on a stock.... Lol.. And you draw the line we want to draw and even put a label on it...

What's the odds of giving us the ability to draw our own vertical line based on a trigger event or alert.. meaning using the count functionality on a display beneath the chart and being able to draw the vertical line on the price plot....

notes via logic..such as:
Set{addnote, condition1, color "green", note "buy"}
Set{addnote, condition2, color "red", note "sell"}

I'd also like to have the ability to shade an area between two horizonta/vertical lines...
To the effect of:
Set{shadehorizontal, (upperlimit,lower limit,color)}
Set{shadevertical, (upper limit,lower limit, color)}

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