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8/27/2008 11:43:41 AM

I decided to compile some of my interesting findings from the web. I'm not recommending or supporting any of these; just posting them for easy reference and for "Entertainment Purposes Only". :D

=== Newsletter Reviews & Strategy Analysis ===
TipsTraders ...
> Site that rank newsletters
> Free, limited access, and subscription, full access to stock picks
> Their web pages load slowly
> TipsTraders - Top-Ranked Newsletters
> I found some good newsletters by sorting by "Change (delta) Days" column in ascending order (to pick newsletters with current activity) and then looking for newsletters with positive values in all columns under "Gains %" ... the Cisiova newsletters looked nice
> They now have offers with Trade Triangle by Market Club

CXO Advisory Group ...
> They analyze and give their opinions on various financial advisory newsletters, trading strategies and lots more
> I've spent a lot of hours reading their articles

Hulbert Financial Digest by MarketWatch
> Site that rank newsletters

=== Trading Systems ===
Trade Triangle by Market Club ...
> Provide various trading strategy buy and sell signals
> Videos of their past results

=== Market New & Information ===
> Bunch of great tools
The Lion
> Look for news about particular stocks

=== General Knowledge ===
Several great articles on Bulkowski's site, The Pattern Site

Bulkowski on Price Trends
> "By looking at the price trend over the prior 12 months, 3 months, and month, the average rise or decline in the coming three months can be determined, as well as how often the stock actually meets price targets. This page takes a closer look at research that explains how this works."
> Sounds like a great stat filter opportunity

Bulkowski on Stop Placement
> "When buying a stock, how close should you put the stop? If you place it 2 cents below the current low, you will be stopped out almost two-thirds of the time. If you use 2 cents below yesterday’s low, the stop rate drops to 41%. Use the day before that, and you’ll be stopped out once every three trades, on average."
> Sounds like another great stat filter opportunity

TRO will agree with this answer ...
> "Q. Do I make more money from my books than from trading?"
> "A. As I write this in March 2008, I have never made more money from anything in my life than trading. That includes my annual earnings as a hardware design engineer, senior software engineer, and software manager. If you add up the earnings from all of my books, and the 100 articles that I have had published to date, they would amount to only a fraction of what I earned from trading JUST ONE STOCK: Michaels Stores."

Bulkowski's Money Management
> "If price climbs too far then exit a position. Is that the proper thing to do?"

=== Forex - Charting & Display Software ===
MarketBrowser/FX ...
> free download
> allows you to display various currency pairs
> allows you to display currency % in systray

=== Tools & Utilities ===
Online HTML Editor
> Works best with Internet Explorer, I had trouble using it with FireFox
> how to quote others ... Thanks to nikoschopen

StockFetcher Forums · General Discussion · FYI: Interesting stuff I found on the web ...<< >>Post Follow-up

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