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5/19/2010 11:07:18 AM

How do I set a multiple exit condition for a filter?

For instance:

RSI closes above 70 then drops back below 70 indicating my exit?


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5/19/2010 7:23:36 PM

Conditional statements not allowed....but oooohhh that would be soooo sweet.

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5/19/2010 7:47:02 PM

In the specific case you just mentioned, the simple statement "crossed 70 from above" would work. It would have to have gone above 70 beforehand for the statement to be true.

Try it and see.

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5/19/2010 7:53:36 PM

price between 10 and 50

set{ca, count(RSI(15) crossed above 70 within the last 0 days,1)}
set{cb, count(RSI(15) crossed below 70 within the last 0 days,1)}

set{oror,ca + cb}
oror > 0

/* value = 1, TRUE */
/* value = 0, FALSE */

add column ca {crossed ABOVE}
add column cb {crossed BELOW}

draw rsi(15) line at 30
draw rsi(15) line at 70

volume > 123123

Currently StockFetcher does not support conditional boolean logic directly. This is due to the potentially enormous computational impact it might have on StockFetcher's servers. There are, however, some work-arounds which may accomplish any boolean logic (or/if conditions). See the following forum posts for some solutions:⊂=view&fid=1001&tid=28017⊂=view&fid=1003&tid=28019


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5/19/2010 11:50:22 PM

Thanks for the feedback all. Kevin that worked exactly as I had hoped. Thanks again

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