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12/17/2004 12:00:43 AM

I am trying to create a filter to show when an oscillator crosses over a certain threshold so many times within a defined timeframe - for exxample - I want stocks that have a CCI(20) that has crossed back and forth over the zero line more than 5 times in the last 60 days. I have come to the conclusion that it cant be done in SF since info isnt 'saved' in an array or something similar - my best shot was something like this..

set{CCcross,CCI(20) crosses over 0}
CCcross > 5 for last 60 days

which obviously doesnt work - anyone have any creative ideas?

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12/17/2004 12:17:51 AM


Fetcher[set{CCcross,count(CCI(20) crossed over 0,60)}
CCcross > 5

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12/17/2004 2:33:42 AM

amazing how simple that was - I could not find "count" in the SF user guide - any idea where one finds the usage/syntax of such undocumented stuff? it seems to have a limit of 100 days

set{CCcross,count(CCI(20) crossed over 0,100)}
CCcross > 4
Average Volume(20) > 300000
close > 11

set{CCcross,count(CCI(20) crossed over 0,101)}
CCcross > 4
Average Volume(20) > 300000
close > 11

the only difference between these 2 is the increment from 100 to 101 but the results are drastically different - any ideas?

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12/17/2004 1:58:22 PM

Wnehever I'm looking for functionality, I look in the Announcements Forum FIRST. That's where functionality is documented first... The User's Manual is quite out of date.

Also, yepher has developed a good web site that has good descriptions of SF functionality - including some thread posts that are helpful. I don't have the url handy, but you can search on, and you should be able to find it quickly.



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