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6/8/2007 4:37:02 PM

I'm trying to run the following filter and get a message saying that it 'exceeds filter performance restrictions'. I don't know why. The line that triggers it is:

ent_ind > 0

ent_ind is set a few lines up and evaluates to 1 or 0. Plus, ent_ind will display in a column (if I delete the offending line so it will run) and it's always 1 or 0. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong -- nothing seems to strange? Here's the code (try it yourself -- do you get the same error, or is it just me?):

set {mp1, High + Low}
set {mp, mp1 / 2}
set {short_ema, CEMA(mp,5)}
set {long_ema, CEMA(mp,34)}
set {ao, short_ema - long_ema}

set {ao_1, ao 1 day ago}
set {ao_2, ao 2 days ago}
set {pu1, count(ao > ao_1,1)}
set {pu2, count(ao_2 > ao_1,1)}
set {pu3, count(ao_1 > 0,1)}
set {pu_top1, ao + ao_2}
set {pu_top, pu_top1 / 2}
set {depth, pu_top - ao_1}
set {e1, pu1 * pu2}
set {ent_ind, e1 * pu3}

average volume (20) > 250000 and
close > 3 and
ent_ind > 0


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6/8/2007 4:49:06 PM

If you have the basic subscription it could very well be that you're using too many "set" statements. I believe you're limited to 10 with the basic subscription. You may want to ask tech support.

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