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7/17/2003 7:48:31 PM

Filters are only tools and as such can only be as good or as bad as the person using them. I have looked at Noah's filter and tried it out. It has the advantage of being simple and it returns a lot of timely hits that can profit a trader.
I use a similar filter that is also simple and have had much success with it.

Noah's approach of going through each and every stock chart the filter produces is key. Ignore this at the peril of your capital. Read the charts and then go with the best candidates.

However, there is more to the market then just finding that magic filter, which does not exist and never will.
I posted a group of market indicators at:

They show that caution is called for right now and that all of the markets could be turning negative.
Market breadth is a great indicator and along with the major market indexies will warn you of coming trouble.

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7/17/2003 8:38:37 PM

HEY JOE,you're correct in that filters are only tools,that's all,i have found during many years and many bad markets,that by entering on green the next day no matter what method you choose to use you can greatly reduce the odds of a failed pick,in good market conditions these stocks can fly! regards , MUDDY

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7/17/2003 11:09:07 PM

I saw you post something to that effect on one of the Bollinger threads. I could not agree with you more. The filters help get some good prospects, reading the charts can refine those down to some excellent choices.
When I was cursed with having to work, I could not go any further and had to make my stock market picks from there. It was OK and I did OK, but sometimes would have to wait a couple of weeks to make money.
Now, I watch my prospects in the morning and those that turn green AND show some activity, those have been excellent buys for me. It certainly takes a combination of screenings and finally you let the market pick the ones to buy.

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