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1/14/2011 5:49:14 PM

Sorry, I already got one -

"Thank you for the feedback. We will look into the feature request you
mention below.

However, please keep in mind the "complexity" required for this feature
is a bit more than a typical measure, as this is not a
"stock-independent" computation. In other words, to compute nearly all
of the measures on StockFetcher, no knowledge of the other stocks in the
current stock universe required. To compute the "rank()", as you
describe, the ranking measure must be computed for all other stocks in
the specified "list" to establish a rank assignment.

We do appreciate your proposal below does simplify the process by
requiring the "universe" to be a restricted set of stocks, and the
"rank()" would not be based on or effect filter results. However,
hopefully you understand that, from our perspective, this introduces a
completely new filtering construct that requires a fair bit of
consideration to understand potential impacts, as well as implementation
design issues.

As indicated above, we will definitely look into this feature; however,
we just wanted to let you know that this type of analysis is somewhat
divergent from the currently available filter components on
StockFetcher. Because of this, we are unable to make any promises as far
as it's addition to StockFetcher."

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1/14/2011 5:55:11 PM


Thanks for posting their response.

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1/14/2011 6:23:16 PM

Kinda like plot number of hits on a filter that seems real easy.... it too usefull a tool... LOL

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