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9/21/2003 11:24:37 AM

The entire concept of the G5 filter ranking site is bogus.
Folks need to know that.
Take a look at the top 25 filters for the proof.
The goofier the filter, the better the results.
Avery's or Holy Grail's filters have been shown up and replaced with even goofier, totally unworkable (in real life) filters.
I guess that is going to put some folks in a lather but life is harsh at times.
I'm not going to waste my time on that nonsense any further.
Avery got that number one position a couple of days ago and immediately splattered my website with goofy crowing posts as he does here.

ALL of you people have studiously ignored the fact that I have shown the entire concept to be bogus.

Here is the proof:
Date Offset 5 Date Offset 4 Date Offset 3 Offset 2 Offset 1
LMRI 25% LMRI 25% VERI 100% VPTI 0% FCRZ 0%

That is what you get when you run Avery's filter. A ton of nonperformers, repeat hits and nothing else.

OK, you don't want to deal with the facts of life. Fine.
Avery's line is "I'm number one with filters"
When you demonstrate that the filter does not work in real life
his line changes to "Well you have to day trade and not buy and hold"
When you demonstrate that most of the hits don't have enough of a spread to bother with his line changes to "I use a dart and clever money management"

Then he goes back to bragging about how great the filter Holy Grail wrote but he takes credit for is.
Look the entire concept is bogus.
If you want to day trade, I sure as heck would not use any HG filter!
Go for one that gives you a S P R E A D!

If you day trade you need a spread between high and low.

This filter will give you a S P R E A D

Fetcher[show stocks where the day range is above 20% for the past 5 days]

I don't use it because I don't go in for goofy stock trading but if you want to day trade then that is it for you.

Most you people are getting all lathered up with dreams of riches if you only get the right filter. G5's top 5 shows how wrong that notion is.

It seems I'm wasting my time here with the message that you need a systematic, disciplined approach to stock trading if you want to survive, never mind succeed in the long run.

That is why I run REALISTIC trading methods on Koliga.
When you get tired of losing money on the goofy filters pay us a visit.

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9/21/2003 12:01:35 PM

G5 is a great tool and it fills a need to evaluate the filters. DEPREZ has done a wonderful job. thank you.

Unfotunately NONE of the listed "top" filters is tradeable with real money and in real life. Either we are in the lowest pennie stocks world, which is too erratic (spreads, gaps etc.) and/or volume is so faintly low that not even a very small trader could trade these stocks systematically.

I suggest an additional criterion: VolPrice.
Simply multiply VOLUME by PRICE and and let the user decide what the lowest value of this (on average) would be acceptable. Personally I expect a stock I am trading to be at least in the 200,000 area. This will weed out all these questionable super low pennie stocks and thus eliminate most "top" filters in the list, giving room for something better. At the moment the list is practically worthles.

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9/21/2003 12:08:56 PM


"HOLYGRAIL wrote on 9/21/2003 at 2:19:25 AM

the other filters i had do not work anymore because sf changed info that they were calculated by and even all the back test are not the same as my original formulas-

How would HOLYGRAIL know SF changed the way filters were calculated? Does anyone else know this?


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9/21/2003 2:05:33 PM


You don't need to knock a metric because of its results
unless they are unequivocably invalid. You must prove it for it to be the case.
The fact is that the filters produce those results.
I have added sorting capabilities so you can better manage your filter list.
But I can not filter price unless I parse the filter and look for close or price. I may just have to do that to quell your anxieties about the results.
Until then, use your brain to look past filters you do not agree with.

Thanks for pointing out the problem.


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9/21/2003 4:26:37 PM


I found an error in stockfetcher when using weekly rsi(2). The chart had values exceeding 100!

Ever since the "fix", some of HG and my filters stopped working as well as before.

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9/21/2003 4:27:15 PM

Joe G:

Quote me out of context all you want.

I am through wasting my time with you.

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9/22/2003 7:59:13 AM

Edward de Bono's Message for Today - 22nd September 2003

Negative criticism is easy because it is always possible to find fault with anything if one looks hard enough. It is quite easy to concentrate on the faults and ignore what is worthwhile. But the main and overriding attraction of criticism is that it at once makes the critic superior to what he is criticizing.

Edward de Bono, 1979. " Future Positive"
Published by Penguin Books.

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9/22/2003 9:49:11 AM

i agree, we need a kind of volume price limit, the "close below 0.025 .." type filters return untradeable filters, are of no use for testing or comparison purposes and clutter your fine site uselessly

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9/22/2003 12:33:35 PM

Yes, i agree fully.
The wonderful idea of the G5 filter test is jeopardized by the fact that ALL the "Top-Filters" are super-low penny stocks with tiny volume. No tradeable filter is appearing in the top list. We do need a (Volume*Price)criterion to make it meaningful.
I personally would not mind waiting for a filter a little longer to be tested (server capacity) if this is necessary.

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9/22/2003 1:19:35 PM

That's the point I was trying to make a few days ago on my post about ridiculous untradeable filters.

Why not set a minimum limit on price and see how well these same people posting these bogus filters do.

These bogus filters are really defeating the purpose of this site.

My suggestion is to set a minimum limit price of 1.00 and 100000 volume.

This way, we are all on the same footing and can really compare each others' filters.

It's not about being number 1 on the list, but coming up with profitable filters that will help each other make money.

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