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5/28/2009 2:22:10 AM

Government is really trying hard to get GM back on its feet again and once again show America that they can compete with the foreign companies vehicles. Qualtiy has been there the last few years just the loyalty of our citizens is in question. But, now that Americans are helping save this once great American company I think they will also eventually buy their product. Shoot, why not, they are deeply invested in them now so lets all support this American product. Feel proud you did your part.

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5/28/2009 3:30:22 AM

Don't you mean Ford?

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5/28/2009 3:31:59 AM

Loyalty of Americans in question? Come into the 21st century, marine. The era of "company loyalty" is long gone, or at least transformed. And I don't feel an ounce of urgency to help save GM...what have they done to deserve my loyalty? Produce gas-guzzling s**t heaps for decades and now rob my children of their posterity in order to "save" them?

Where's YOUR loyalty? Why aren't you railing against the forces that quelled the Edison light bulb? My in-laws have an Edison bulb that's been burning for 30 years...30 YEARS!!!?

Point is, GM's a huge pimple on the landscape of efficiency...not only in its product but in its business practices. Don't draw this out...progress is about shedding the past and the institutions, however sacred, that...well, just didn't work.

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5/29/2009 11:41:49 PM

FuriousThug-- You certainly are entitled to purchase what you please when you decide to. My only issue with your comment is the somewhat outdated (again, somewhat) perception that GM is not efficient. Granted, 15-30 years ago they were clueless not, but in the last 5-10 years or so, they have made a lot of strides in manufacturing efficiency. Their legacy costs for retirees and crazy union work rules were as much to blame as GM's hubris and once-crappy cars.

I am intensely curious to see how the Volt fares when it's released.

Good Trading to you.

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5/30/2009 1:25:35 AM

If you really want change in this country check out the Honda Clarity presented on video by Top Gear.Hydrogen filling stations should be built across the country possibly linking them with lines like natural gas and mass hydrogen storage should be built up.Oil would drop to 5 bucks,no middle east,Nigerian,Venezuelan headaches and pollution would decline immensely.Now thats FDR thinking.He would probably like that idea.

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5/31/2009 10:57:13 AM

GM fell asleep at the wheel,did not adapt to changing market conditions.They sell a product nobody wants,at a price nobody can afford.The unions also played a part in their demise.Wake up and smell the coffee.It's 2009.We should all be driving electric cars or even flying cars in this day and age.........

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6/1/2009 11:44:18 PM

Bottom line is, you Americans should now buy GM and Chrysler products since it is you that are financing the company. Yes, as Furious had said, wake up and smell the new GM-A-Coming. The faster Americans buy Gm & Chrysler vehicles the faster they can pay the American citizens back. Our government realized if it weren't for the financial tragedy that occured and the lack of vision and common sense our leaders in those financial companies and Wall Street in general our American auto companies wouldn't be in bankruptcy court. Look back and find the root of the problem here and you will see it wasn't GM or Chrysler that created the bankruptcies but the financial industry. Sure GM and Chrysler had their problems but, they also were headed in the right direction in turning around their companies had it NOT been for other factors out of their control. Yes, the government realized they should've monitored the financial industry better. The government realizes that allowing GM and Chrysler to fall like a rock and let them dissolve into nothiness would be creating a disaster that would make these earlier bail outs and upcoming bail out monies look miniscule. You would have anarchy in the streets and many bad things happening in America to each other. I don't think any of us want that to happen now do we? Of course not. Obama's plan to save these two industrial icons is the right way to go. We call it a soft landing. Let's all support the governments initiative and begin buying once again GM and Chrysler vehicles. If you don't buy these vehicles then your tax monies are wasted. Gun to our heads you say, well we all allowed the banking industry to get away with anything they wanted to do. We have politicians working for us and lets face it they failed us. No one was minding the store. We all assumed everything was just hunky dorie didn't we. We all were living in the land of Candy Canes and Sugar Plums. Well, reality smacked us right in the forehead. Let's all team up like the Americans did during and after World War 2 and get this country back on its feet and started producing again. Thank you.

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6/4/2009 9:18:31 AM

well, another flare of patriotism destroyed by good intentions and socialism/fascism. How about a volkswagon and a shovel in every hand you pesky sheep?

GM will have to break records...they will have to reach over 30% higher profit from their best year on record to equal the taxpayer investment.

Can this be done? Very low probability.

Can it be done with the government intervening and running it....well, take a look at the SSA, post office and amtrack for your clues.

China Hummer. Tin foil cars. Government mandated salaries, bonuses, business decisions, direction, etc.

I hope the lowest common denominator union slug making $30 + an hour with pension and bennies is happy with the plasma tv and air jordan shoes. very likely they pissed it all away as they perceived they "deserved it" to begin with.

Very sad....but it is what it is.

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6/4/2009 12:32:27 PM

People did buy domestic....for decades...and our loyalty was repaid with machines and parts, that were designed to fail ...people just got fed up with poor gas mileage and cars forever needing to be repaired. And their leaders didn't do their members any favors by not recommending that they take a pay cut and live to fight another day.

Everybody I know drove domestic cars, including me, up until I drive a Hyundai...Elantra...and it's the best car, repair free, just oil and gas for the past 4 years.

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6/4/2009 3:35:01 PM

agreed. drove domestic until I was fed up with repairs. Lexus and worries. I'm sure their parents (Toyota / Nissan?) are just as dependable.

anyone still have a Zenith television or maybe an RCA?

Kill or be killed.

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